AON Insurance and the Adani Carbon Bomb

The "Galilee Blockade" activists continue to track down potential Adani corporate enablers, and stick pins into corporate coal fantasy balloons. Insurance companies and banks still try to hide their business connections behind green-washed frontage. They have to squirm in public when caught doing deals under the bed with Adani.  Yesterday it was Insurance giant AON, signposted at their fancy office front. Go to the facebook group "Galillee Blockade" for more online and offline actions.

The Adani Coal Saga stretches on. No one can easily explain how this gravity-defying coal mining project is still considered viable. I suspect this has something to do with  corporate hopes of attracting more billions of dollars from financial money-print markets, to pour down the drain, in a hope of rescuing some of the billions already disappeared by the corporate spouts. Many of Adani's top political connections are glued on with the same kind of money.

The function of all national governments, after stripping out all constitutional and democratic niceties, is to provide protection rights for mining state resources for best mates and invited foreign guests. Laws for rights to mine minerals generally say so. The state controls anything valuable underground.

International trade arrangements are negotiated, or fought over in wars, to establish the best deals and largest quantities for resource extraction and consumption. Money - trade deals and standover tactics between states are all the rage.

Why should we owe allegiance to this sort of national government? Generations of constant competitive national growth are entirely unsustainable. The corporate charters, and the large majority of the most wealthy shareholders, only take note of growth of earnings and money valuation, and this is what actually rules this planet.

Given these goals, the average citizen should be already in a sustained revolt against their government. As in Hong Kong, only better informed about the monster nature of most global governments. It is only that the climate sensitive parts of our brains are as good as cooked prawns. To be eaten in large quantities by the rich. The number of parties that have signed the Paris climate agreement of 2015 is 190. The best are making efforts towards un-ambitious targets in limited areas. India is one of them, but is still into more coal mining. So this is the state-sanctioned, globally civilised, normative behaviour for the human species at our end-times.

Adani gets supported in Australia, as an ideal "gate-opener" and "fixer" for all the other hungry fossil fuel billionaire jackals, often tied in deals with foreign state investors, including China. They are so eager for the money, and deny it will explode yet another global carbon - bomb.

If Adani is allowed to operate and open its Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin, then it is open slather for coal mining at any environmental cost. You may as well shut down the Australian Government.  In fact, it is technically shut down already. There are just a few gas corporations, in "care-taker" mode, that at present continue to hold meetings instead of the parliament.

But the Adani mine is just one of many prospective projects in the Galilee basin, many owned by familiar Australian coal barons and gas companies, including the Waratah coal project owned by the country’s biggest ever investor in election advertising, Clive Palmer, and Hancock Prospecting, owned by Gina Rinehart, the country’s richest person and major donor to the Institute of Public Affairs. -- Renew Economy --

It seems to be a widespread stinking conspiracy, only protected because most governments don't bother, because large multinational fossil fuel energy corporations operate above common morality and the law, and can afford more than enough political and legal "fixers". Coal mine projects are not portrayed as global fossil fuel terrorists in the media, but that is exactly what their carbon bomb emissions imply.

Unable to muster the protection of their own governments, and without the resources of the military fossil-fuel state, people in India, Bangladish and Australia, are collaborating and sharing information on the doings of Adani.  Watching Adani is about all any person or institution appears able to do. Corporations and states are happy to watcheach other doing the same dirty work. 

Community groups, financial experts and lawyers from three different countries have collaborated to stop Adani’s coal-fired power station at Godda from being completed. Godda is in eastern India, about 400 km north of Kolkata. The power station that Adani is constructing there is the lynchpin in Adani’s plan to ship Australian coal to India and sell the power to Bangladesh. - -

Is this a kitten or a politician dealing with Adani?
Which a virus or global warming have the worst long-term consequences?

Environment protection enforcement, and global warming emergency action, is very weak in all of the nations that Adani operates in, including India and Australia. Such investments that are done into renewable energy, even by Adani, are not enough to  be world saving.  They cannot undo coal carbon emissions. Mining is still seen as the fortune maker,  as renewable energy is a flow, that cannot be directly stored or exported as such. Their billions come from exporting rocks and carbon emissions.

Adani still flashes with defiance at the undeniable global warming handicaps of its coal carbon bomb. Adani ignores the global collapse of coal demand. Adani is out to break all concepts of environmental safety and government oversight.

AON and global fossil fool collapse

With global growth collapse, demaind drop, commidity price drops, there are global losses in investment values, particularly for the fossil fuel industry. Any large global insurance corporation is likely to have large shareholdings giving be at high risk of financial collapse.  This must now be the most likely collapse period since the 2008 GFC, and it is still getting worse.

    AON Insurance must be desperate to be exposing itself to some hefty risks by talking money with the likes of Adani Coal. This is not a new behaviour. From Wikipedia, I read instances of corrupt dealings. Absence of more recent fines and charges shows a learned ability to escape failing global regulations and enforcement.

    • In January 2009, Aon was fined £5.69 million in the UK by the Financial Services Authority, who stated that the fine related to the company's inadequate bribery and corruption controls, claiming that between 14 January 2005 and 30 September 2007 Aon had failed to properly assess the risks involved in its dealings with overseas firms and individuals.
    • In December 2011, Aon Corporation paid a $16.26 million penalty to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).[17] According to the SEC, Aon's subsidiaries made improper payments of over $3.6 million to government officials and third-party facilitators in Costa Rica, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar and Bangladesh, between 1983 and 2007, to obtain and retain insurance contracts.
    Michael Rynn
    Galilee Blockade shirt fronts AON Insurance, over its dealings with Adani Coal in Australia
    AON Insurance, Adani Carbon Bomb
    AON Insurance and the Adani Carbon Bomb