Australian Election a two nobbled horse race

Date published: 2019-04-28
Coal and Gas keeps the fossil fuel masters happy

As usual this is an Australian Election for "nobbled parties", much as we should be having a "climate election" by now. The race is already fixed into the traditional two mining parties contest, of one or the other mining party agents.  The game, which started with the Australian parliament, is about control by mining wealth elites. The strategy is to sell the right electoral bribes to control the prize of the mining stranglehold on the Australian parliament. The rewards are paid out of boosts to foreign mining extraction, and mining includes fossil fuel extraction. Too many Australian political operators have been bought off. Party hierarchy, thinking and policy are structured, by offerings from the horde of trillions of dollars of foreign wealth-debt, siphoned into donations, favours and anointed pre-selections.

Fossil - fuel global wealth has all the debt-money and power of two hundred years of industrial revolution on its side. Its fossil fuel dependent national governments are fighting the need for extraction from fossil fuel reserves to be drastically slowed, to slow our path towards rapid climate destruction.  Section 44 exclusions in the Australian constitution have nothing on this monsters global scale, which corrupts the entire society and parliament process.

Australian Society itself is massively corrupted by media and feelings of lifestyle and consumerist validation from fossil fuel extraction and usage. Fear of climate refugees drives immigration policy. We have a cowed and scared electorate, frightened of voting greens because of fear of changes that are inevitable, and unspeakable catastrophe that is inevitable if we don't change. Our entire society is designed, evolved and dependent on fossil-fuelled infrastructure, which cannot last.

The number of political parties that ought to be put down the bottom of the voting order keeps growing. If this was a real climate election, the ALP should go nearer the bottom, just above One Nation, Clive Palmer, the Coalition, Australian Conservatives, and all those other "executive agents" of foreign mining corporations and climate destruction.

The ALP climate policy is contradictory bullshit, made so by implicit and explicit fossil fuel extraction growth and export expansion policies. Such renewable energy investment as exists, becomes a way to provide cheaper energy for fossil fuel mining, that being the major goal.

The ALP has a commitment to public subsidy for Gas Expansion in the Northern Territory, and boosting the gas industry generally. Gas export industry is a major cause of Australiia's rising greenhouse gas emissions. The global carbon budget for a safer climate has no room for new fossil fuel sources, since around two-thirds of existing reserves are already climate-stranded assets. The entire meat of ALP policy is for the investor fossil fuel wealth classes, draped decorously with a thin coating of green salad dressing.

A vote for Greens 1 or similar non-nobbled party is never wasted, because the Senate requires 6 above the line numbers that need to be made, in order that the vote be a valid one. 

Michael Rynn
Australian Elections are variations on theme of a two fossil-fuel-nobbled horse race, to keep a parliament beholden to foreign mining classes
Australian Elections are variations on theme of a two fossil-fuel-nobbled horse race, to keep a parliament beholden to foreign mining classes
Australian Election a two nobbled horse race