Australian Coal Screwed Senate

Date published: 2019-07-06
Malcolm Roberts argues coal does not cause black lung disease - Senate shows that its members form a large coal block


Senator McDonald, also on behalf of Senators McGrath and Stoker, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved general business notice of motion no. 23—That the Senate supports the development of the Carmichael Mine project and the opening of the Galilee Basin.

After all, "development", meaning capitalist exploitation of nature for quick profit, is such a loaded word.

Only the nine Greens Senators voted against it, including Susan Rice who here does a photo-bomb behind Malcolm Roberts during his "follow the science" response.

Senator Susan McDonald, who put up the motion, is a LNP growthist, and wants infrastructure and Coal-fired power stations. She has said that industry ought to have access to cheap, reliable, baseload electricity. 

That means coal, No doubt there will be technology and innovations in the future that may, but right at this time coal remains our best option.

Showing party coal loyalty above any evidence of educated common sense, all the ALP senators, Cross bench, and of course the LNP senators voted as coal puppets to develop the Galilee Basin, thus proving that most Australian politicians are thoroughly tied up by Coal and mining industries, and will not consider giving up any foreign mining development for global climate mitigation, when it comes to a vote. So the Australian electorate has no real choice between ALP and LNP on climate and coal policy in Australia. We are being totally screwed on climate with either, since these are capitalist development parties, no matter what "jobs and growth" they say they care about. Unless you preferenced the Australian Greens first in the recent election, you voted for global heating.;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fjournals%2F925d2208-233e-426e-8ca3-c69e0e79ff62%2F0043;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fjournals%2F925d2208-233e-426e-8ca3-c69e0e79ff62%2F0003%22

Meanwhile, global heating continues at its coal-fired fast rate. Global coal and gas production and burning needs to be abandoned, for any realistic chance of stopping runaway climate catastrophe. There is likely less time and remaining carbon budget left than previously estimated.

Also reciting the standard senate-spot party qualification formula was Senator Malcolm Roberts, proving that support for coal can bend mental space-time reality, when he argued that Australia ought to have both more coal powered energy and water security. He also offered up that science ought to be followed for black lung disease.

To prove that cognitive dissonance is real, just afterwards in the same session,  Senator Carr (ALP ) also tabled a motion to note the 65th Anniversery of the Australian Academy of Science. The scientific members of which would no doubt have fruitlessly told them all, that more coal burning, even if in India, is incompatible with Australia's future water and climate security.

Michael Rynn
Australian Senate passes motion to develop Galilee Basin, only Greens opposing.
Australian Senate passes motion to develop Galilee Basin
Australian Senate Coal Screwed