Australian Treasonous Global Write Off

The Australian Labor Party , in its Queensland Branch, as the governing party of the state of Queensland, displayed yet again its lamentable servitude to Coal, Oil and Gas, above all costs, above the interests of country and its peoples, by signing over all of the native title land of the Wangan and Jagalingou peoples for the possession of the Indian Adani Coal Company, at the stroke of a pen. This of course, makes the entire concept of "Native Title" a national government pretence and farce, to be signed away as soon as this is convenient to fossil fuel interests.

The act also underlines the absolute cash-subservience of the largest two political parties in Australia, as if you didn't already know, to foreign mining and fossil fuel corporations. It entirely unmakes the creaky old Australian Constitution, which has the most stupid clauses about birth place and dual citizenship being the only acknowledged markers of political control by foreign powers.  The Australian Government and Justice Systems, and Paris Climate Treaty intentions are at best an international joke, excepting for all the other fossil-fool national governments of developed nations. In my view, this makes the Queensland Government a rogue and false government that does not in any way serve the interests of Queensland People, excepting perhaps those of its parasitic elite classes of Fossil Fuel investors and global-heating extinctionists.

This action has taken away, for me, any and all remaining respect for current Australian Governments, apart from their growing propensity to inflict violence and repression. The next planned step as befitting a modern fossil-fool police state government is likely to be the forcible removal of said peoples by violence without compensation, and riots in the streets. Wait a minute, Extinction Rebellion has already started to scale up the riots.

At the moment I do not see how this vicious cycle of rewarded treason is going to broken soon.

Australia is a global leading LNG export and Coal export, by foreign-owned mining interests. This indicates
1) All decisions by Australian government favour cash-servitude to foreign owned corporations, which is treason.
2) The costs are environmental and social fabric damage to Australia, and global heating damage and mass extinction risks to biosphere.
3) This system of boosting fossil - fuelled growth, is unsustainable long term, as is civilisation, but immediate short term is boosted by political cash-kickbacks and the growth of the larger Asian Powers from the exploitation of Australia's raw materials, and Australia's corrupted political systems. This reinforces 1).

This act is a national treason, and implies intentions of violence and genocide in the service of global-heating fossil fool protagonists.

Follow some of the happening W&J and Adani Police confrontation - siege at Coodz Mac

Michael Rynn
Australian Governments signal their intention to continue to serve foreign mining and fossil fuel interests above their country and people.
Australia governments sign away large slabs of country for the Indian Adani Coal Mine.
Australian treasonous global heating write off