Big Emissions Scam Hits Australia

The latest climate news is really "Big Heat hits Antartica", with a recent listing of some of 26 positive feedback tipping points getting so close now, but that sort of news has never had any effect on systemic political and corporate denial.  This denial has produced a net-zero, zilch in effective mitigation policies for global heating. Our global spreadsheet-money masters wish to stay fossil fuel powered, and keep their control till the very end.  Human society itself always works to complexly self-organize to exploit resource surplus, and where that surplus is threatened, to splinter and fight to exploit the best parts of it. Nation states are the living manifestation of this. Global emissions continue to rise. Human species seems entirely designed to suffocate itself, when given the surplus means. When the means to surplus ends, then the global organism will disperse and evaporate into its saner parts, and wonder what the bad dreams were all about.

The great majority of carbon emissions sourced from Australia, as the biggest global exporter, are sent into our atmosphere and oceans by our exports of coal and gas, minus negligible offsets.  This helps importing nations to maximize their energy consumption, and Australia is allowed to ignore the virtual emissions embedded in its many reciprocal imports. Australian federal government  has right now 117 fossil fuel mining projects awaiting approval.  Most of the revenue and profits will go overseas.  Royalty payments based on mining volume flow to the coffers of australian state governments eager to boost production. 

Thank goodness at least 1 project has been chopped so far, a large coal mine project of Clive Palmer. A reliable mechanism to repeat this does not exist,  as this was at the whim of the minister, for reasons not directly related to global heating, and may have even been a sly political payback to Clive Palmer, who has funded much election campaign meddling using his mining fortune.  New coal and gas mines need  to be halted by law and regulations that are immune to the manipulations of global corporations, and should be free from the whims and moral - intellectual failures of ministers, governments and our corporate-evolved legal institutions. This still needs to be created, if any slowdown in feeding global energy hunger with fossil fuel supplies is to happen. This is more or less the position of the Australian Greens Party. As they say, no nation has yet taken this step.

Energy corporations, are most fearful of consequences to their states and holdings, should any environmental or global heating consideration come between their mining operations and encouraging maximal consumption of their products around the globe. They have been heavily funding climate disinformation and denial, as long climate science has been presenting evidence of the threat. They represent the vested interests of the global self-organization for the exploitation of resource surpluses provided by global mining and biosphere systems.

Corporate financiers, mining investors and profiteers only desire to be money pleased, and ignore predicted future global consequences, until the feedbacks become blowbacks and that will be too late.  That is how the global money system "works" now. It reflects the instincts and bias of human social minds. Corporations rule the world. Investor safeguards, threats and inducement pressures now rule governments. That is where the word "Safeguard" comes from.  Mechanisms like "Investor-State Dispute Settlement" rules commit Australia to protecting money first, in all of its Free trade agreements, and other arrangements. As  high "standard of living" country Australia imports most of its motor vehicles, oil supply, technology, solar panels, wind turbines, everything not manufactured here. 

a commitment to ensure foreign investors will be able to move capital relating to their investments freely, subject to appropriate safeguards.

A lot of these provisions haven't been tested, all the money invested in capital project in a country has to receive compensation if expected returns fail be retrieved, because of adverse actions of the host government. Money is sacred. Unless of course it once belonged to a foreign nation that is being invaded, sanctioned or otherwise disapproved of by the USA, the major organizer of the AUUKUS corporate alliance. Then it disappears into "ours".

Climate heating impacts are now so certain, that much of Australia is being carved up  as a gas fracking resource, because in the near future,  this land will be no longer needed by the beings that once lived there. Heat waves, drought conditions, and floods, of increasing intensity, will eventually overcome their ecosystems and survival mechanisms.  To keep feeding the global capital resource hungry megamachine might as well log all the forests now, because so many of these tree species will be extinct in our near future. One third of tree species are at risk of extinction now.  The more valuable the timber of the wild species, the more likely its to be logged to extinction.As always such timbers are the cooperative product of an entire evolved ecosystem, integrated into our worlds geophysical diversity.

The forests in Australia, and their once numerous ecosystem denizens, cannot getup and walk a few kilometers south every year towards cooler climates, where everything else being just comfy for all. They don't escape mega-fire wipe outs. They are as good as doomed. Might as well harvest them all now, and get on with it. That is progress. Might as well keep mining all rest of the accessible coal, frack our best underground water infrastructure, and poison our soils. They are rapidly depleting resources, and so subject to competition from our first exploit, first benefit mentality.  This all adds up to be systematic planning that all will be dead in the future from impacts of global heating. The game is to die with the most toys and acquired wealth, to make up for our mortality and lack of meaning for our brief lives. Globalization is a game to keep civilization racing towards our doom at full throttle.

"Future dead people won't need a living biosphere. Forests that will be killed in near future climate extinctions can be logged now. We label them as renewable energy. That is today's economic logic systems. That's all economics, folks!

Australia's contribution to total global emissions is being sold to the public as a Safeguard Mechanism"

As the above Juice Media production shows, a tiny modicum of "scope 1" emissions, that amount of emissions estimated to occur in future, in the mining and export processing in Australia, will be offset by the proposed "Safeguard Mechanism". These are designed to help give the Labor party he appearance of trying to work hard to achieve very inadequate emissions  reduction target of 43% by 2030. I am sure it took a lot of hard negotiates and planning to get corporate agreements to get this much complexity to allow their surplus exploitation games to go on. The offset investments are in fact still yet other corporate money making schemes. Who else in the world has the money to fund them?

Juice Media rightly pillories the idea of this "Safeguard Mechanism" as a piece of political deception. It is a PR cover-up, a cheap fig leaf for the Fossil Fuel profit looters of Australia. It is an insult to the general intelligence of our public. These dubious offset schemes, are like a drop of dehydrated water in the bucket with which our future is expected put out the current and future fires of climate hell. It is green bullshit, worthy of all the best big bullshits from the previous coalition government. Just remember that all of our possible global biological carbon offsets for carbon storage are likely to be rapidly "offset" themselves in our climate future. They will be killed, made extinct themselves by the rapid growing impacts of global heating, or even earlier flimsy guarantees of our overpopulated world desperately looking for resources to survive on a little bit longer. The word "offset" should now be synonymous with future extinction.  Our civilization is a horrible mode of extreme energy - resource hunger, a survival mode brought on by extreme overshoot.  The durability of carbon offsets is a matter of which time scale is chosen. Corporate timescales are short, related to the back-stabbing tenure of the next CEO and profits report postings. Everyone is pressured to produce, and is stuck in their systems role.

The Safeguard Mechanism was first introduced by the LNP coalition government through Tony Abbot, as mechanism designed to safeguard the coal and gas mining industry. Labor has changed the logo, and corporate rationalizations. The rigged inquiry into the unlikely permanent nature of carbon offset purchases, was run by not-so-independent notables appointed from the carbon offsets corporations. Naturally they decided against all evidence presented to the inquiry, that everything seems cool, fine and normal. Trust our integrity, we make money from this. The safeguard mechanisms is most likely is the brainchild of the dementor minions of the Minerals Council of Australia, designed to drive the Greens crazy.

Cool and normal is the current presented state of our government, with new PR releases of progress twittered out every day. We are riddled with PR frontage from the mining industry, from their investor owned mass media.  In our times of actual existential crisis, protestors are being arrested for blocking business as usual, or speaking at protests. The fear of revolt, and increased repression, comes from our increasing corporate looter friendly governments. They are anti-biosphere, anti-life-system assassins. They have been plotting and planning this for decades, designed as a good governance package, of minimal costs to them.

The Labor party bought into the entire slimy subservience package decades ago, particular from the gas and fracking corporations, as the price for achieving electoral power, and keeping media neutrality towards Labor. During its years in opposition its has polished its presentation of relations with foreign mining corporations and political relations with the USA.  It has relented to persuasive pressure and guidance from the Minerals Council of Australia, with relations patched up after the MCA dispatched Kevin Rudd and his "mining tax", with cheaply executed media campaign, and insider political hatchets.

Australia has opted for the safe route of subservience to the USA, for half a century now, impressed by its demonstrations of aggressive military and diplomatic activity against more independent nations. The fawning nature of the relationship is sickening. So is our loss of policy independence made clear by USA bases, and our purchases of ultra expensive high tech lemons of military hardware, planes, tanks and submarines, and sacrifice of troops for every USA foreign misadventure. But the USA is also the center of our money world, investment capital from corporations, and exchangeable currency for trade, and thought director for which  foreign nation is the current victim of national hate propaganda month.

The public show trials and cruel incarceration by twisted justice of Wikileaks Journalist Julian Assange is entirely in keeping with wishes of Australia's real foreign masters. I am sure that Mr Anthony Albanese believes himself to be sincere. He has very polished public performance in sincerity. His weak ineffectual sympathies for Assange as having been punished "enough", appear to have all been a form of election campaign image sweet talk.

The public is constantly being lied to and fed deluding and distracting pap.  The latest showpiece, appears to be "Voice to Parliament" show. Given the power of mining companies and Labor subservience, it is unlikely that a real "Voice to Power" of indigenous peoples will be allowed real political power and money influence, no matter how Australia votes in the referendum for it.  It should safe to pass as a symbolic gesture.  Their is yet no timelime for further development, should the question pass in a referendum. Corporate control will still own the government, and probably has prepared a strong media "safety campaign" to ensure that the difficult to pass referendum gets a sufficient No from at least one state. Climate-overshoot reality and biosphere collapse will not be getting any real voice to parliament either.

Indigeneous people continue to be pushed off their land they once looked after, to make way for new mining leases. So do farmers and rural people. Global corporations own the land under your feet. For example the Adani coal mine case showed that Queensland government has no regard for the rights of indigenous people, country and water systems. It is predicted that soon enough the growing global climate heat will ensure that unprotected outdoor activity in the tropics and northern Australia will produce rapidly fatal heatstroke. Labor plans continue corporate government policies to continue the bulldozing of this continent, and leave it more uninhabited than it was before East Asian invasion.

Global corporations are behind the policies of governments to criminalize all civilian protests at being treated as cattle by them. We are all animals being pushed and prodded to keep an orderly pack into our nation states global profits slaughter yard. Perhaps no-one wanted it to be like this, but these are the systems we made with our own hands.

Naturally our Labor so-called leaders are led, as all governments in Australia are led, by inducements of money and staying in power. They are allowed to stay in power, as approved by trained, hand-fed corporate media toadies, for being good corporate boys and girls, until the  public electoral shine wears off. The big stick is the fear overthrow by mining and media money. Our "best friends" the USA will meddle if Australia refuses to aid their take over the dead planet plans. Civilization as practiced now, and Climate change mitigation are mutually hostile entities.

Global trade is the mechanism by which fossil fuel nations systemically loot our planet, and many essential minerals are becoming more expensive. Copper is projected to rise exorbitantly in the next few years, which will put the brakes on our desires for a rapid transition to renewable energy systems. Installation of new solar panels, wind turbines, battery and other power storage systems require lots of new copper metal. At the time when demand is set to rise, the world's copper supply is in decline. Other critical mineral supply cannot be expanded to fund our dream energy transition future. Game over is already declared by our world of complex systems.

Our real problem is that the biosphere systems we are killing off, were the only long term renewable resource, that we were once privileged to manage, and live in symbiotic relationships with. Over-lordship of civilization over the biosphere is not a mutual survival relationship. Civilization is living by the death of the biosphere caused by massive ecological overshoot. Fossil fuel expansion is the wrong way, dead end path. So called "Renewable Energy" is not going replace fossil fuel energy. It isn't nearly enough of that now, it is still supplementing and allowing fossil fuel energy mining expansion, and RE capital machines still depend on fossil fueled industrial production systems.

The industrial world is now collapsing into global resource shortages. What follows is globalized intercontinental war, rationing and making do without. Final decline, rapid systems collapse from reduction in energy supplies and monetary inflation is inescapable. An engineered rapid industrial systems collapse is the only thing that can protect the biosphere from further ravaging by civilization. Escape from a still small  uncommitted portion of catastrophic future global heating still depends on our taking correct actions to bring about a global fossil fuel shut-down. Many people will be sacrificed, and that is nothing new about our species systems of exploitation. Our mining and rentier elites stage manage the illusion of Australia's democracy to limit our choices, and they are dead-set on making damn sure it isn't them or their mates who suffer first. They are the cogs of the global megamachine, which needs to be broken.

Michael Rynn
Australian government sets up another fossil fuel climate blinder deception scam called a "Safeguard mechanism" to ensure fossil fuel mining expansions.
Australian government sets up another fossil fuel climate blinder deception scam called a "Safeguard mechanism" to ensure fossil fuel mining expansions.
Big Emissions Scam Hits Australia

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