Classic Australian Developer Donations for Government favours

Date published: 2018-12-10

Human take over of ecosystems is now critical, as this article on a global reports tells. Worsening worldwide land degradation is now ‘critical’. It is undermining well-being of 3.2 billion people worldwide. The report agency is called "Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services" - IPBES.  In many ways this is a more visible and serious issue than climate change.

This is the global context under which then Environment Minister Josh Frydenburg, failed to block a wetlands "development" project near Brisbane, against strong departmental advice, breaking a 25 years old international trust under the RAMSAR treaty. Large amounts of money donations have been made to both ALP (Queensland Labor state government) and  Liberal Party (Federal government).

The LNP attitude towards environment nature conservation is to demand which piece can be next turned into concrete development. What is the point of having ministerial departments, when the minister has been paid not to listen? The proposal to allow Environmental Impact Statement is no more than thinly veiled process for the government to allow their mates to have Environmental Impacts, and almost never results in a development project rejection. Mr Frydenburg doesn't even seem to think anything is wrong. Its just business, selling off Australia.

Money given to a Australian Government political party in government can buy almost anything a developer wants. Hence the great need for a decent Commonwealth Integrity Commission, which is the Liberal National Party's greatest fear. Development projects are all about making money, the rest of us and nature are the losers. The very existence of developer donations is deeply entrenched political corruption. If it didn't have this effect, no developer would bother to donate.

Why do political parties accept donations from corporations which are subject to Ministerial favour? Even the denial of this stinks. Australian governments reek of corruption.  Another year, more millions of dollars donated to both major Australian political parties. I guess that is what makes them all a "major" climate disaster.

They so easily fail the long term interests of ordinary Australian people. Both ALP and LNP have received developer donations, and mining corporate donations, including Adani.  Both parties need should be voted for as last preference. There is not a single sensitive environmental area in Australia that is safe from the clutching of developer donations by political parties.

Wetlands are areas of critical biodiversity and carbon storage, and are under threat everywhere from human activities.

Given the importance of soil’s carbon absorption and storage functions, the avoidance, reduction and reversal of land degradation could provide more than a third of the most cost-effective greenhouse gas mitigation activities needed by 2030 to keep global warming under the 2°C threshold targeted in the Paris Agreement on climate change, increase food and water security, and contribute to the avoidance of conflict and migration.

We need to be restoring biodiversity, not killing it.  As our growth processes destroy natural systems on which we depend for survival and mental health, peoples and governments are becoming more mentally deranged. and fail event to protect what is left. A few decades is all that we have left, in these last stages of exponential growth, and so a combined massive fossil fuel and nature collapse is the most likely outcome.

When is Josh Frydenburg going to resign? Never. All State governments of all nations seem to be more or less like this, which means it is inbred into our species, and requires extra-strong counter measures.

Michael Rynn
Classic Australian Donations to Federal Government political parties for development favors. Minister Josh Frydenburg sells out environment for money.
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Classic Australian Federal Government Developer Donations