Australian Climate indulgents of Global Heating

Date published: 2019-05-28

Climate Indulgents backed by billionaires bought the Australian 2019 Federal Election result, won by a narrow margin.

The previous article "Human Peak Warming Acceleration" pointed out this global fossil fuel civilization is still adding greenhouse gases at an all time historical maximum rate, while actual atmosphere levels are an all time human historical high, and new climate heating records continue to be broken. Human greenhouse gas production has doubled per person, and population has more than tripled since 1950. Atmosphere greenhouse gases have never increased so fast, not even in the biosphere proxy evidence records of greenhouse gases that involved 5 past mass extinctions, in the history of life on earth.

It seems therefore a reasonable idea, to call those people who wish to continue on with new coal mines, and large gas field extractions, and the lifestyle this supports, "Climate Indulgents".  Funding climate change denial is only par for their golf course. These people just cannot deny themselves anything. These are people who want the last personal good times of fossil fuel wealth and energy to continue just a little bit longer. It is so convenient for them to ignore current global heating impacts, as these will harm other people. The needs and wants of rich are both infinite and immediate.

Jobs for the public are made as competition between individuals to sink or swim by their own efforts, as Neoliberal as it gets. The "NewStart" allowance and vague promises of "transition", or even investment in renewable energy haven't been optimistic enough to overcome the social certainties of fall down the economic cliff face. The public are left to suppose that new mines, and extreme wealth for billionaires will include a few hundred jobs, and no other course of action will help them. It is as consistently cruel as the history of Nation-States have ever been.

The government has tried to tie the public's personal security to the small shares of fossil fuel wealth and security obtained from the grease drips off the greenhouse gas gravy train. It isn't climate change denial, it is a case of let everyone else in the future suffer the deaths and losses from growing climate hell, while a few enjoy the global heating indulgence for continued survival in this time.

The climate indulgents in Australia most certainly include the protagonists and the parts of Queensland misled over the benefits of opening the worlds biggest coal pits in the Galilee Basin, starting with the Adani Carmichael Mine. This was heavily promoted by the Murdoch Media. It includes the self-indulgent Mr Clive Palmer, who helped to keep the current coal-indulgent LNP government in power with his big $60 million spends on advertising and electoral candidate recruitment, when he owes more than that to the Australia Tax department. Here we have two of the worlds most self-indulgent billionaires, able to get away with stealing money and telling lies, who assaulted the public with as much dis-information and spin as public-subsidised fossil fuel money can buy. The new government hasn't got a new mandate, its just got a repurchase agreement from 3 ongoing owners - Murdoch, Palmer, and Coal.

The climate indulgents include many of the coal-complaint members of the returned LNP government who think that the failure of the electorate to vote a bit more for ALP and Bill Shorten's fence-sitting over the Adani Mine, implies a mandate to go for climate hell, that can ignore all global heating considerations, including the 2015 Paris Climate accord they signed on behalf of Australia.

Global heating is technically more correct because we are talking about changes in the energy balance of the planet. We should be talking about risk rather than uncertainty. - Richard Betts, British Climate Researcher.

Michael Rynn
The 2019 Australian federal government hasn't got a new mandate, its just got a repurchase agreement from its current owners. Murdoch, Palmer, and Coal.
Climate Indulgents, Purchase of 2019 Australian Federal Government.
Australian Climate indulgents of Global Heating