Climate Law for Adani, ALP and LNP

Date published: 2019-04-23

According to Bill Shorten and Tony Burke the "law" will be used to #StopAdani. This is such an easy, casual, non-specific lie, to absolve the ALP of needing to do anything substantial to #StopAdani. Natures carbon law says we agree to Limit global warming below 1.5 - 2 degrees C. This is the only law that matters now. This is the Climate Law. It says no new coal mines. No new fossil fuel extraction. All opposing, contradictory government laws, statutes and mining approvals are now illegal. Any relevant political statement on Adani that does not quote the Climate Law is pure organic bullshit. ALP and LNP consistently won't quote the Climate Law.

Climate Law, if not updating the statute books, is written in the sky, as the atmosphere concentration of greenhouse gases, which sets the long-term planetary climate systems, governing earth heat balance. Over 350 parts per million of CO2 long term, the global climate is unstable further towards warming. Altogether with Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Methane, and several fluro-carbons, there is about 500 ppm CO2 equivalent in the sky already.

The ALP makes no mention of which paper laws have not yet been applied, or what specific breaches apply to #StopAdani, although several breaches are already brought to public attention. For such expressed certainty that the law can be applied to #StopAdani, the ALP has been remarkably secretive and quiet while the project has rolled on. The mainstream media have been remarkably quiet in asking for detail on the ALP law for Adani, so they know the game already. The ALP "law for Adani" most blatant lie of the election campaign so far.

The ALP "law for Adani" claim is a part of the big lie that civilisation tells itself, that it is going to do all that is necessary to meet the Climate Catastrophe challenge, with its current set of laws, when not in outright denial of the emergency. The tendency to lie on this, and find any old legal excuse, is intrinsic to our doomed culture, while going along with the past in business as usual.

Only climate - environment justice activists have been doing hard work, as always, against the political party stasis. And the law is required to penalise activists. These are the real laws that Bill Shorten means to apply. The most work on using and tightening the laws by governments has been for the purpose of suppressing climate activists, such as 5 individual coal-train blockers from FLAC - (Front Line Action on Coal) now being sued for lifetime bankruptcy by Aurizon, in a SLAPP suit. National Governments have been most busy, when they are tightening laws against activists, while arranging behind the scenes for the Coal, Oil and Gas giants to get away with environment murder.

That the "law will be applied" to Adani claim is pure election campaign bullshit, a big lie, and the ALP needs to be called out on it. The laws of course, are always expected be applied, unless when they are wrong, and need to be changed. The ALP "unspecified law for Adani" is contemptuous of the electorate and the media. The LNP know the "law will be applied" is the normal big lie of governments, who made the laws, and they are also not calling the ALP out. Going through the motions of applying law for Mining approvals is the most favourite activity of all Australian governments, designed by Mining companies, for Mining companies, which allows the keeping up appearances while ensuring a near 100% guarantee of approval. That is the "law for Adani" as it has been so far experienced to date, by the global warming challenge. Only public activism has slowed and forced the approval processes into having a semblance of honesty, and the loop holes to save the environment get closed by party political lawyers as fast as activists probe them.

Why haven't ALP's "law for Adani" already been applied? Why haven't the police been called already, if the law has been broken? Answer: Mining, corporate and money laws are purpose designed to break all natural ecosystem laws, and the ALP sold its soul out a long time ago. If we don't heed the the Climate Law, then we are doomed.

Global warming mitigation and environment are being broken and trampled on by giant coal, oil and gas elephants. Paris climate targets, water and land rights, are sacrificed for the greed for growth of civilisation. Our civilization won't admit that it is already dying, as now owned by the fewest number of global wealthy. Since these very rich are now the fewest number of controlling climate law breakers, why are they not named and arrested right now? Search for "Not on my watch" and "Sovereign Risk" claims in the Business sections of "The Australian", regarding Adani, from Chris Bowen and others, which indicates that the "in practice, business as usual" laws for the very rich capitalists are the ones that will be applied. The promise of applying the law to Adani, is yet another double fake message to both reassurance the business classes, and assuage the vote of the climate concerned.
Michael Rynn
ALP says the law will be properly applied to Adani. Climate law says we agreed to Limit global warming below 1.5 - 2 degrees C.
ALP Law for Adani Carmichael Mine. Limit global warming below 1.5 - 2 degrees C.
Climate Law for Adani, ALP and LNP