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2019-02-27 2019-02-27
Two big climate perils: Australian Coal Party Elections
Not enough coal-climate choice here in Australia

It will be up to the Australian public to ensure that neither of the Big Coal Parties get to form a government with an outright majority. If they do, it will be our climate peril. Both ALP and LNP have indicated they will do nothing to block the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine. So please vote third party, greens, or independents, with ALP and LNP as last choice, in that order. We've had a balance of power minority government before. They make for better democracy. This time we should make it so and keep it. Keep big corporate political parties out of absolute power. This your only choice if you don't want to have another new coal mine in Australia.

Chris Bowen is the current ALP Shadow Treasurer. Chris Bowen was reported by the Australian Business section, as saying the ALP  will not block the Adani Coal Mine, while he is in the ALP.  "No ban on my watch" . Most of his electorate won't be aware of this, as the Australian is strictly subscriber - pay to view article.The mining friendly mainstream media kept this sort of political pitch to foreign investor business right out of the front pages.

[The Australian] quote -- "Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen says because a decision to block it would raise concerns of sovereign risk." The word Sovereign boils down "Money". Money still trumps climate in Australia. Treasurer's of nation-state governments value money over life on earth. But only human life on earth gives money its value.

Both of our big coal parties are stuck in playing games of business as usual,and both parties have no real regard for massive national and global climate risks. Victims of recent extreme climate events in Australia might like to tell you about real earth risk experiences.

Here is a link to the version  SMH business section.

"The project is awaiting state and federal sign-off on two environmental management plans but it now looks more certain after shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said Labor would not block the mine if it wins office at the federal election due by May." A wink is as good as nod.

Climate Risk has never been greater, and some people are already saying its game over, as our bioshell life supports are collapsing.
Sovereign risk to bank accounts is now a far less serious threat than existential climate change risk. To help push nation-states to mobilize, Australia did sign a climate treaty in Paris in 2015.  This has to mean something, but apparently it has zero meaning for Big Coal and Gas party politics, and it hardly gets a mention by politicians. The Paris treaty is treated as a puppet show for the people. We still need to overthrow out of government every second-rate climate denial political party. Let Australia be the first to toss out the offenders.  Global heating already includes massive economic risks as a large subset of future predictions. That is our real global - sovereign risk, that economic growth will continue to magnify climate peril.

ALP has vastly underestimated future impacts of climate risks to Australia, for its creatures on ocean and land.  ALP won't even heed to its own LEAN  group. (Labor Environment Action Network) The ALP needs to be punished in this coming election nearly as much as the LNP.  One reason is for being such a lousy opposition. Both take large donations from the same Coal and Gas foreign-owned corporations.

As one of many biological species, we homo sapiens, are fully dependent on diverse biological systems for air, food and water. When global heating kills these, we are gone. These are the major risks that the ALP denies. The climate intransigence of ALP and LNP are now real national sovereign risks.

A publicly accessible link in the Guardian --
Labor won't prejudge Adani as it could harm future decisions, Tony Burke says.

What a bunch of pathetic corporate-donation money corrupted,  craven climate wimps the ALP and LNP are. The climate  future is here, right now.

Bill Shorten says there's a 'role for coal' and Adani mine just 'another project'

Bill Shorten says Adani won't affect Australian emissions.

Bill Shorten is just another mining shill in the long line of Coal Industry supported political leaders with ready coal excuses. Burning more coal from anywhere affects everybody, Bill. Mr Shorten is joke.  He still asserts that he can protect the Great Barrier Reef, which is now largely dead, and already written off as a global loss by anyone with a germ of knowledge about Ocean heat and acidity,

The Adani Coal Mine, is a line in the sand for the climate activism movement, and the ALP has always proved bitterly disappointing in government. Failure to stop this mine will result in the destruction of Australian Civil Society, because climate activists are not going to let this end with Coal Lobby Shills like Bill. We are going to need to have a war between climate activism and extractivism, otherwise it will be all big species lost.

The problem for Australia, and so many other nation - states around the Globe, is not to change government political party majorities, but to overthrow the influence of big money mining and fossil fuel industry forces that run them.

Coal was just the beginning of our problems.  There is still Gas and Oil to not burn.

Fossil fuels are a foundation of the heights of civilization that will soon crumble.  While we continue to use the technologies that fossil fuel energy supports, fossil fuel burning is killing all life. It is time to move to less risky foundations, before they take everything down with them.

Michael Rynn
ALP has always proved bitterly disappointing in government, when it comes to climate action.
ALP and Adani. End of ALP as viable political party.
Two big climate perils of Australian Political Parties