Coal Money and IPA right behind Australian Government

Date published: 2018-09-21

Here is a link to a Graham Redfern article, on DeSmog Blog, about a finding which got next to no mention by the Big Political Parties and Media. It shows the influence of Gina Rinehart and also no doubt, her fellow class mates, on the Australian Government. Money does it all. The IPA is an influential right wing think tank with close ties to Australia’s governing Liberal Party. IPA fellows regularly appear in the media. Payments suggest that more than a third of the IPA’s income in 2016 and 2017 was from HPPL — majority-owned privately by Gina Rinehart.

Fossil fuels are the source of power, wealth, and both the object and driver of military might for resource acquisition. Access to them has determined the current power structures of the human world, and the explosive overkill of nature we are all party to. For the fading USA empire, or the rising fortunes of Russia, China and India, future relative growth and power depends on fossil fuel access. Various states in the middle, middle east, middle Africa, Asia, South China Sea, and soon around the Arctic oceans, can expect invasions and slaughter at any time. The next generation of hypersonic weapons , with maximum kills at a distance, are already being built. Planning for wars continues for the rights to burn all the remaining carbon, and kill all future descendants. This is the real meaning of the failure of the Paris 2015, so called "climate treaty".

For hard core mining interests controlling the Australia Liberal Party, the top priority is minerals mining, above and beyond the interests of hapless Australian people and government. The rate of investments in renewable technology in Australia, for example in the anomalous South Australian state, is treated as a threat, rather than sensible insurance, even though it would have benefits for mining interests. The core LNP and backers have become so stupid as to reject their own backwards NEG policy, possibly because it isn't pro-coal enough for their average intelligence.

At least China has long realized and planned for,  that the rate at which it consumes such non-renewable resources, and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and produces crippling health costs, is lessened by vast investments in renewable energy capital production.

It is not a far presumption to suggest that Gina and fellow mining class are deeply mixed-in, down right behind all of the Australian Government Coal-Climate issues: The Adani Coal mine for the Galillee Basin; the failure to even get very weakest NEG none-renewable energy guarantee across; the Dutton - Scomo Coup plot; government climate change denial; the "Monash" group. These are all evidence that a few filthy rich individuals of the Australian mining class, put millions of dollars investment every year, into pushing the Australian Government down the Profligate Coal Way. With these sorts of channels of monetary influence and ideology, behind it, the Australian Liberal Party is entirely, and nothing else but, controlled by the Australian mining class.

The sacrificial part is that Australian will need to work very hard to plan in order to save themselves and also give up their standard notions of comfortable middle class lifestyles, engendered by our current technology mix, food and energy sources. As noted in by Chris Wright in "Three Cheers for the Decline of the Middle Class", nothing short of rapid evolutionary change is going to make a sufficient difference.

This what a federal ICAC is to be never allowed to exist, and if it ever was created, would never be allowed to investigate these outrageously obvious channels of funding and lobby influence. Meanwhile, at our current rates of climate planning and politics progress,  of all typical major international carbon emitters, the Paris 2015 target of 2 degrees is most likely going to end up as 5 degrees C or more of average global warming, by the end of this century. Its been another 3 years of negative progress, with full appeasement of the Minerals Council of Australia, since Australia insincerely signed into this climate agreement.

Gina Rinehart is a Coal Dementor in Chief, and the Scott Morisson Government is her bunch of Coal Dementor Acolytes. All Liberal -National Party candidates, no matter their personal bias and best intentions, are forced to follow the Coal-Party line, and are undeserving of your electoral votes.

Coal Dementors of Australia in flagrant action.

Michael Rynn
Gina Rinehart is a Coal Dementor in Chief, and the Scott Morisson Government is her bunch of Coal Dementor Acolytes.
Coal Money and IPA right behind Australian Government
Coal Money and IPA right behind Australian Government