Corporatchik fossil fuel religion of Australian Government.

More evidence of the fossil fuel dictorship, in this cartoon of corporatchik fossil fuel worship by Australian federal government.  It is a religion. In case you are wondering what sanctions the federal government will place on states like Victoria and NSW that hold up CSG fracking, in response to environmental activism, it will be a monetary penalty.   Victoria, NSW to be penalised for outlawing fracking under Grants Commission plan

Environmental "savings" and "heritage" , land and water, are so obviously worth lots of money. A safe climate, and un-fracked land and acquifers, have eternally lasting value. These corporatchiks for fossil fuel profit are wasting energy, making pollution, and doing climate crime. When will these fossil fuel worshippers learn the prayer for life on earth?

author: Michael Rynn
description: Australian States penalized for opposing CSG. corporatchik fossil fuel worship by Australian federal government. It is a religion.
keywords: Lessons of life on earth. Corporatchik fossil fuel worship