Default Mining Party Leaders Debate and big questions
Odysseus removing his men from the company of the lotus-eaters

The ALP is and nearly always has been, the Alternative Liberal Party, since both are conditioned by being mining wealth slaves from a mass-media consumer society, and rely on Australians being a majority society of lotus leaf eaters.

If the ALP actually cared about domestic gas prices, they would stop exporting LNG overseas, but they helped set this up.

If the ALP actually cared about global warming, and took the 2 degreeC  target seriously they would actively seek to prevent all new coal & gas mining, and all energy investment would be renewable energy. Global warming has been public knowledge now for over 30 years, and emissions are still rising. 

Australian Flag as it expands its coal and gas exports as foreign subservience and greed

If the ALP actually cared about growth of China's power and size, and interference in Australian politics, they would stop feeding it cheap coal and gas.

If the ALP actually cared about multiple global ecological crises, and resource depletion crises, they might wnat to consider policies to restrain economic growth.

Two big mining parties are really arguing a election campaign about little bits of budget costings, for the lotus leaf eaters. The real stark choices & questions over fossil fuel mining, exemplified by the recent Stop Adani Convoy, get little frontage in media. The media only highlighted public hostility of some to the Convoy for the raising of questions, and nothing about the reality of carbon budgets or climate catastrophe, what should be really big questions about the future of fossil fuel mining in Australia.

It will be interesting to see if Adani gets a mention in the so-called "leaders debate". We know the LNP position, which is hurry on to approve. The ALP position is to make no public commitments, except for sly winks to the business class. The so-called major parties leaders debate is the biggest trick in the mass media book for excluding third party alternatives. If only there was a public political health warning message at the beginning of such debates, that this is a debate between the bottom-feeder political defaults, about which is least worst and which should be preferenced last in most circumstances.

This election is still mostly about which major mining party will control the ongoing mining of Australia for their overseas investor donors, ruled by the extreme wealth of the Transnational Capitalist Class.  The voters will get to decide who will best sooth them back to sleep again. Climate Change denial and global wealth growth for the extreme wealthy takes on many snake party forms. 

What will finally wake up Australia? Total climate, ecological, financial, commercial, political, societal and cultural collapse will be too late.

Michael Rynn
Australian Election 2019 Leaders Debate to happen between the two mining party bottom-feeding defaults, for the benefit of the lotus leaf eaters
Australian Election 2019 Leaders Debate to happen between the two mining party bottom-feeding defaults, for the benefit of the lotus leaf eaters