More Droughts and Deluge, Adani Coal diminishes Australian National Security

Date published: 2018-12-09

The Climate Council of Australia looks at the climate facts. Australia is becoming more water insecure, for obvious reasons. As their full report details, climate change from continued burning of coal, oil and gas, has major future survival consequences, and is creating multiple national security issues.

Both Australia and India will have heavy long term survival costs for starting any new coal mine projects. The Adani Coal Mine project, is  the first of many proposed to  "develop" "demolish" the entire Galillee Basin for its coal resource.  We need now a new category of crimes, for such future consequences, for permanent damages to our biosphere. Demolishing the Galilee Basin for coal would qualify as a first-class terrible global climate crime. Its political perpetrators and shills need to be barred from public office, as we do now for trivial breaches of the Federal Constitution on citizenship or income irregularities. There are far too many permanent externalities for fossil fuels, and there energy excess is leading to growth of a harmful unsustainable economy. The Adani mine is a Coal Cancer.

There is no way an honest global and local environment impact assessment could allow the Adani Coal mine. The fact it is still being allowed to go ahead, indicates Australian politics and institutions are incompetent, unfit for purpose, full of climate change denial and fossil fuel money corruption, and are a long way off from taking notices of current global climate reality.

Allowing the Adani coal mine is from an existing toxic corruption of Australian Government against the interests of national security.  Starting a new fossil fuel projects  now commits major crime against the future of earth's biosphere, and must be disallowed by future oriented legislation, that is, legislation that is now required to enable our species to not have a short future.

This is a future life and death issue. Fossil fuel developing nations like Australia need to wake up from their Faustian energy dreams! There isn't any safety margin left for global climate change, for increasing production of carbon dioxide, when atmosphere levels need to be rapidly falling. Climate safety requires large-scale negative emissions technology powered by renewable energy resources which we don't have.

Michael Ryn
The Adani Coal Mine Project is a major global climate crime, for which there is no protective legislation, and diminishes Australia's long term national se
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More Droughts and Deluge, Adani Coal diminishes Australian National Security