Earth Burned - 2019. By Australian Coal and Gas.

Date published: 2019-08-25
Parts of Greenland burning as seen from space by NASA

This year of global heating, in 2019 has recorded another hottest month of July ever. There are massive wildfires in Alaska, Siberia, Brazil, California, Spain, Greece, Bolivia, and even Greenland. Meanwhile, Australian "climate liars and scoundrels", the coal and gas-oholics of political parties still scheme, plan and scam the Australian Public to increase coal and gas exports as fast as possible to everywhere. Actually it is all only just for the money.

It’s not just the Amazon — wildfires have been burning around the world

From the Guardian Article - "There is No silver lining"

... Major fires are burning this week in south-central Alaska, lengthening the state’s wildfire season, which has usually ended by the beginning of August. ... As the Arctic warms twice as fast as the rest of the planet, Alaska as a whole is feeling the climate crisis more acutely than many other US states.

There are multiple massive fires in the Amazon basin, where once was rain-forest. Unregulated clearing for agriculture, has accelerated deforestation.

Danish firefighters head for Greenland to fight spreading wildfires

The significance of global upscaled wildfires should be very sobering for Australia's political elites of coal and gas-oholics. Or are they simply too drunk to panic? Global wildfires add extra CO2. Extra soot is going into global air circulation to melt ice faster. This is both a sign of current global heating acceleration, and a positive feedback for future global heating. What is left of the amazon rain-forest will become dryer, and speed up its disappearance in further wildfires.

Fossil fuel burning has to be abandoned by all, if you think this is your planet. Or is it just yours to destroy?

Global heating and Brazil turn Amazonia into smoke

Michael Rynn
Global wild fires everywhere accelerate global heating. Coal and gas-oholics of Australian political parties plan increased coal and gas exports.
Global wild fires. Australian Coal and Gas Exports.
Earth Burned 2019 by Australian Coal and Gas