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Message to GHD Employees on #StopAdani
I arrive outside GDH Parramatta 2019-07-30, 8:10am

To GHD employees,

I have been told that GHD is a private company and that the employees are share-holders. 

I and more than a score of others were demonstrating in a protest outside of GHD Parramatta NSW, this morning, 30th July 2019. Groups involved included the Parramatta Climate Action Network (, members of Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Socialist Alliance, Extinction Rebellion groups from Blue Mountains, and people from various parts of Western Sydney.

GHD, as an engineering consultancy firm, is involved in helping Adani progress its Carmichael Coal mine project as part of a plan to "develop" the entire Galilee Basin as several new thermal coal mines, while global heating is directly causing heatwaves, droughts and extreme weather events around our planet.

We have been part of the public opposition to the Adani Carmichael Mine, as the beginnings of a plan to fully "develop" the Galilee Basin for Thermal Coal Exports, since the project was first mooted. This mine is a threat to the lives of future generations, in every part of this, mine and your world.

As educated and active Australian citizens for living more than a short term on this continent, we oppose the traitorous idiocy of starting more new coal mines that will fuel more global heating.

We understand that our culture and its hunger for energy wealth has created this global heating emergency, brought on by 250 years of evolving industrial revolution, and exponential economic growth powered by fossil fuel burning. Our culture practices, attitudes and technology usage regarding fossil fuels will be stopped, by ourselves taking appropriate actions now, or by the consequences of our culture, of accelerated mass extinctions rather soon.

Greenhouse global heating now directly threatens agricultural viability in Australia and India. Further fossil fuels burning can only worsen future heat waves, droughts and further disrupt our limited fresh water supply, taking away the very essentials to supporting our continued existence. 

Development of the Galilee Basin, for coal mining, starting with the Adani Coal Mine is bad for all life on this planet, and bad for Australia's global reputation.

GHD advertises itself as a supposed expert and responsible engineering consultancy, concerned with human usage of ecological resources, with a global ranking. GHD needs to cease to involve itself with Adani and all other Coal Mining Protagonists which have been encouraged by coal-money corrupted politicians now in Australian government.

The Adani Carmichael Mine is financially, ethically, ecologically and morally bankrupt, part of diseased, cancerous global system. They are poison. GHD should immediately break off all its associations with Adani to avoid being further tainted, and avoid future actions against it for actively promoting global heating.

Michael Rynn
GHD engineering consultants should not be helping Adani Carmichael Coal Mine project, if they really knew what was good for GHD, Australia and India
Demonstration outside of GHD Parramatta, 30th July 2019
Message to GHD Employees on #StopAdani