Ms Palasczuk, global climate arsonist and environment wrecker

Ms. Palasczuk, global climate arsonist, environment wrecker

A billion dollars of Australian taxpayer dollars, could buy thousands of jobs outright in Queensland, and take us further down the path of climate safe energy, in the urgent transition needed for our global climate emergency. Instead these Coal Crooks and their mates plan to give it to a nearly bankrupt, tax-dodging, environment criminal, dodgy Indian billionaire, and promote greenhouse gas emissions beyond global safe climate limits. The strictest environmental "conditions" in the world, won't hold back a corporation with a track record of breaking them all, and Coal Mining is awful dirty and unhealthy. Premier Palasczuk's promotion of the Adani mine is a direct accelerant of our global climate emergency, she a global warming arsonist, and she should be publicly treated as an arsonist. The Adani Carmichael project needs to be stopped by every means possible. Adani is already too hot to handle, for all the banks that have turned it down.

As predicted the IGNORE Adani factions (industrial-government-national-overrides-of-regulations-&-environment) of the Australian political system have blanket denied everything in the Four Corners investigation, "Digging into Adani" screened on 2nd October 2017.  The pro-Adani mob are political crooks on the run. They need to be pushed out of their jobs.

A state premier needs to have respect and care for Country, understanding of our global climate emergency, and the necessities of the limits of nature.  This state premier has nothing between the ears in these regards.

author: Michael Rynn
description: Ms Palasczuk, global climate arsonist and environment hater
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