NSW coal oligarchs confront global heating

Date published: 2019-11-03

As noted in a recent Fossil Fool Bulletin, and rather sheepishly reported in media, the NSW Coal Oligarchy has sold its soul on doing the will of Coal Mine Applicants that fund both the Liberal and Labor Political Parties in NSW and the Federal Governments. NSW Coal Oligarchy is outraged that global emissions are in scope when considering new coal mines, and want their dictatorship to legislate global heating impacts away.

No public consultation on this dictatorial move was considered. It was an immediate political reaction to the decision of the Independent Planning Commision, to deny the KEPCO Bylong project,  and I have no doubt that some very rich self-important corporate people, were extremely irate, because they had been promised otherwise, by the implications of certain parties accepting large money donations.  Now we are going to have a real confrontation.

The "Indepedent Planning Commision" is under threat because it has dared to use such exported emissions as indicative of global heating impacts, and no politician ever liked a commission that became too independent.

As noted before, Australia mines around 57 tonnes of CO2 in coal and gas per person per year, about 10 times the global average. The bulk of these emissions are of course exported. Australia is already the global leader in coal exports, and does not do anything much in the way of value - adding to its resource riches.

Australian exported emissions, are re-imported in part, but not accounted for, embedded in the value of emission costs in imports from Asia. This is the dirty accounting trick, known as "Cost Switching".   The other dirty trick practiced by the Australian Government is the insistence on using old "Kyoto I & II" carbon credits, which can be easily discredited.

Completely forget any idea that Australia is trying to reduce its per capita global carbon footprints, and contributing towards a global heating mitigation effort. It is blindly pursuing economic growth and expansion of coal and gas exports at the command of the Mining Oligarchy that rule our governments, at any and all future environmental and social costs.

You have been lied to many times over about mining and global heating impacts in Australia, by both omissions, and mining propaganda artists, directed by the Minerals Council of Australia.

The link is to a short open signed by many Australian Famous Names, who realise professionally and personally that global species extinctions are the real highest of stakes here. Our sort of coal corrupted dictatorship such we are now publicly displaying in Australia will need to be opposed using every possible measure.

The new Bill was introduced this week, but will not be debated until the next sitting day of NSW parliament on 12 November. I imagine a lot of protest and actions will be stirred up by this. 

Michael Rynn
NSW Coal Oligarchy is outraged that global emissions are in scope when considering new coal mines, and want to dictate impacts on global heating away.
NSW Coal Oligarchy, Australian Federal Coal Oligarchy, Australia leading coal exporter and global CO2 emissions miner
NSW coal oligarchs confront global heating