Repower NSW

Date published: 2018-03-25

I hear a double meaning to the slogan "Repower NSW". We need to replace coal and gas with renewable energy sources.
We need to compost our fossil government and regrow some proactive nature renewal.

#Repower has the obvious meaning as the slogan for the combined campaign push from the Nature Conservation Council and many environment activist organisations to get this state government to do the necessary, to replace all Coal and Gas energy with renewable energy sources.

It is also a warning to the powers that be, in government and corporations, that their denial, time wasting, nature destroying, and chronic lack of leadership will be judged, by us, and ultimately by nature.  Due to their lack of vision, and tardiness in grappling with the related climate and species survival challenges of our times, most current governments need to be removed from power. All "Business as usual" approaches and their nature is for profit taking proponents need to be replaced. We need a "Crash Party" to upset their little games.

At midday at the March 24th Saturday rally in Sydney, known as "#Time2Choose" , many thousands of people spilled out as they gathered to fill entire sections of Martin Place. I took one of the many volunteer roles, in collecting getting signatures from the crowd. It is the "Repower NSW" petition, addressed to the NSW government legislative assembly. If you haven't signed yet, here is an online link.

It says, in my own words, for our government to get a move on, to phase out all coal and gas mining for energy. We petition the government to aim for 100% renewable energy powering NSW by 2030 at the latest. Residual jobs in fossil fuel extraction need to be transitioned in a just fashion. Land , water and forests need to be fully protected from further damage being done in the name of corporate profits.

These photos from the march taken with my phone camera tell what we the people are asking for, and what we do not like.

Renewable energy has great capital and environmental returns. Replacing existing stadiums not so.
Message for LNP and ALP, this is expecially for you, Mr Bill Shorten
Too much exploitation brings careless catastrophe
For many species its already too late. Which ones will be next?
Extinction is forever
Public Enemy No. 1 - Santos
Michael Rynn
Repower NSW. Phase out coal and gas by 2030. Pictures from Sydney rally on March 24th 2018
Repower NSW. Phase out coal and gas by 2030. Pictures from Sydney rally on March 24th 2018
Repower NSW. Phase out coal and gas by 2030.