Short fossil fuel age to be followed by prolonged heat age

Date published: 2019-02-11

Australia is threatened by climate furnace, fired or flooded

It appears that the ALP by Adani is highly stacked and befuddled

ALP can't say finally and really "No" right now to Adani,

as a green-washed shop front for the Coal Ignition Party.

After all, to the worldly profit eyes of a party still bent,

Failure to put up a struggle and scream "No Way", is same as consent.

Consent is giving away water rights, environment stripping free license,

Build shipping ports for all comers, allow all mines to seek finance.

Despite the usual election promises of money thrown around,

Australian Government is a Coal Prostitute spread aground.

Of Ministers doing their investor dance for mining corporates please.

For Coal money they will risk any fossil fuel transmitted disease.

Corruptable secretive systems, donations, same coal-corporate cash,

ALP sly-winks on the fence while climate extremes fry and flash.

This carbon-friendly facade still fronts for big Coal Seam Gas,

National gas export scam, not one Watt less climate dangerous.

We Humans are dependent on nature, by nature self-obsessional.

Voters are "led" to believe, economic growth is sustainable.

When the industrial economy comes from all exploitable.

Life's purpose is to be born, grow, work and be recyclable.

Each election year a repeat of the standard national con.

Exreme border security, won't stop us being climate strung.

Money still flows to party accounts for fossil favors done.

Heating the earth faster, we are going to die early and young.

Life on Earth is our only possible universe given

while we still live, this is our Eden and Heaven.

This thin film of air, water and carbon chemistry,

is all we will get, for our very short time in eternity.

A big carbon heat, has stifled life in several ages past,

erased all the higher life forms. Big species never last,

when essentials for life are by global heat reduced

Life diversity is cool biosphere supported and produced.

Do you care about your nations extinction Fate?

As Northern Carbon stores already thaw, it may be already too late.

Mass extinctions in Ages past happened by big Carbon Heat 

It is time to start adapting to a big carbon defeat.

If biosphere climate destruction was not suicide intended,

Civilization collapse by fossil fuel depletion has now trended.

Our party bloviators of national insecurity are mentally unsound.

Governments are public pimps for selling off water and ground.

We will be climate safer only after fossil fuel supplies have ceased,

and its likely that industrial civilization has collapsed,

and Australian nation was a disease that is cured,

and after that, a global age of heat to be endured.

Michael Rynn
Short fossil fuel age followed by long heat age
Short fossil fuel age followed by long heat age
Short fossil fuel age followed by long heat age