Tax cuts for the rich, no cuts to carbon emissions

Australian Government continues to be a climate liar and a climate laggard

Solutions to the climate challenge are well known, cost effective and available today, but Australia's carbon emissions continue to rise. So says the Australian Climate Council.

Our Australian Government does not want to hear, see, or talk about it, Ostriches don't really try to hide their heads in the sand, but our Australian Government keeps trying to bury itself in Coal.

"Not Credible" is the Climate Councils summary of the Australian governments 2017 Review of Climate Change released just before Christmas, which has not much new credible policy or information, added to current non-existent policy - "Australia has no leadership, no national plan, no vision and no coherent policies."

Meanwhile the Climate Council has released its own report (PDF link was here) on Australia's effort compared to what is really happening with global climate and energy. Our current government vision does not extend beyond Scott Morrison's Christmas present to the rich - tax cuts for corporations and capital owners, which will bring not a single extra real job.

What a hysterically funny big government lie. Its not even original, just an thoughtless copy-cat of Trump in the USA. All Australia must be laughing at it by now.

Best that could be said is it that the LNP pushes Australia hard with a faster path to economic collapse. The only way the LNP aims to reduce Australia's carbon emissions is their constant aim and systematic efforts to exploit for their economics, the real biophysical world of living things into total and permanent collapse, as an "unfortunate externality".

author: Michael Rynn
description: Australian Government continues to be a climate liar and a climate laggard
keywords: Australian greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.