The Great Australian Artesian Hell Hole

Date published: 2018-07-30

The corporate media has failed abysmally at preparing the public for a climate changed world, let alone reporting on it. See the CounterPunch article "What reporting looks like at the end of the world". Forget about it for any serious alarmed mention by any of the major party politicians & media in Australia. Forget about it for anything but seriously same-old public relations bullshit in shovel loads of readiness for next federal election.

And Labor still haven't ruled out the Adani Coal mine and railway, which is planned by the Australian Coal Industry Government to be the first steps in turning the Queensland Galilee Basin into a Climate Change Fuel Pit, also develop as a large drainage plug hole for the Australian Great Artesian Basin. The other queued up Coal Mine corporations and Institute of Public Affairs climate change deniers must think their hoped-for future Galilee Basin coal mines will out-last the end of world.

At least the Liberal candidate, Georgina Downer, a IPA acolyte and Coal-Coat Liberal by descent, from all indications, was not elected in the Mayo by-election on Saturday 28th July 2018. She is fully expected to pop-up again somewhere, sometime.

Michael Rynn
ALP still fails to oppose Adani Coal Mine