The Great Australian Gas Swindled
Follow The Money - podcast from "The Australia Institute" site - TAI
Sharkey and the gang take over the sleepy land of Australia — David Pope cartoon 1st August 2020, Canberra Times.

We are the great Australian gas swindled. That is you and me, whether we have seen through it or not. The invasion of foreign gas miners is still getting away with it. Their game pieces are all lined up. The gas lies have been building up thick and fast over the decade, backed by billions of dollars of conviction money from the banks. Dollars buy conviction. Mostly convinced are our conventional standard politicians in Australia, who allow the lies to be repeated wholesale. They also don’t want to be seen opposing “progress”. The mainstream media are professionally devoted to not joining the dots.

The people who know about and oppose the scam haven’t been able to cut through the guardians of media truth. At the moment the majority are distracted by Corvid-19 happenings, so here follows a viral infection metaphor.

What does it take to wake a majority of people up? Scott Morrison in the above podcast from TAI, is still selling the "gas fired recovery" along with energy minister Angus Taylor.  Scotty from marketing can be heard saying "we just have to get the gas out that is under our feet". If only miracles were so easy and without bad consequences. If they are getting away with this, what else are they getting away with?

All of our "public protection" of government departments seem mesmerized by the "energy progress", and have lost all sense of the institutional precautions required against con-men. Our protective institutions have been "white-anted", by design with a specific weakness for industrial progress. They are conditioned to not check everything they are told by fossil fuel corporations. Departments of protection and regulation are siloed. The game is that the general public will be taken in too. Human impulses not specifically or socially restrained are allowed to go unchecked. Environmental acts of Parliament have essentially zero effectiveness by systematic design.

There isn’t anything in the “The Australia Institute” podcast linked above that hasn’t been known for a long time. This is one reason why the podcast production script is polished and concise. What is it going to take to convince a majority of voters?

As Richard Dennis says "It's taken years and tens of billions of dollars, to create a mess this big".

The lies begin in the fossil fuel industry lies factories. They get purified and injected into the brains of lobbyists, introduced by large spikes of money, to get into the inner sanctums of decision makers. The national organism is crippled, once the viral meme has infected the brains of the highest official meme broadcasters in the country. The Australian prime minister is deemed the most credible source of rationalization. The scam fantasy memes percolate down into policy and project approvals, and get echoed in every possible way by domesticated Australian public service departments, bypassing and defeating the immune systems of our tame environment and planning departments.

Clearly the infection has been present and hidden in our political communities for long time, maybe for decades. Gas industry lies have corralled Australia’s main political parties. They don’t even know they are infected, even as they replicate the gas industry fantasies.

The whole and entire aim of the engineered gas virus (meme) is to enable high profits from high exported gas prices, for the benefit of tax-dodging foreign corporations like Santos. For political brains, we have gas industry meme infected zombies. We have an overwhelming supply of self-important suckers for a government, who think that the ideas they have are their own. Because the ideas seem easy to sell. Too bad, a high infection rate doesn't make a meme harmless, it makes it more dangerous.

We are the great Australia gas swindled because we keep electing fossil fuel meme susceptible people to high office. I doubt that more than a small minority of Australians are even aware of this being a problem. So much for our informative media. So much for doing anything meaningful about global warming.

Unfortunate for the world and us, methane is a major greenhouse gas, the carbon emissions are not insignificant. The Santos CSG field around Narrabri involves large numbers of wells and high production costs, the waste water is toxic and voluminous,  and higher gas prices are a necessary part of the swindle. It is "lose-lose" for the rest of us. We are all being swindled, including Scott Morrison. Richard Dennis from the TAI exposes the sting rather bluntly in this short twitter video. Historically speaking, national governments allow this sort of export swindle by the rich whenever they can get away with it.

Meanwhile in the Canberra Fortress, the parliament is on a long term break from having to think or debate, especially any kind of bill about a climate emergency, and our foreign gas corporations have taken over this major function from the government. The National Corvid19 Coordination Commision is neither national, neither qualified nor concerned solve the pandemic real soon, and the only thing they actually want to co-ordinate is their “take-away” gas profits. So unbelievable, that no one is capable of shining the national media spotlight on it. You would have to doubt your own sanity. Except maybe David Pope, in the above cartoon image taken from the Canberra Times. “Sharkey is the prototypical nature destroying industrialist, a nickname of the wizard Saruman in the book version of the “The Lord of the Rings”.

Paul Keating made a famous comment about Australia being a “banana-republic”. It is heard again in the above podcast, only now we are also a “gas-lighted” republic. It is far too hard for our brain-fogged and meme-infected government, to consider some anti-corruption medicine.

This kind of meme corruption is a pandemic to our whole society. How can we stand against those that just want to profit from mining our country? These are invading foreign corporations, and they are now running the national government. The results of the environmental inflammation are there for all to see. The global fever we now have is measurable and rising everywhere. Only we can’t kill Nature’s systems, we can only make natures systems destructive.

There are no cures for this meme pandemic, other than isolating the infected souls, to prevent them from infecting more people with their harmful fantasies. It is most important to keep them away from vital and vulnerable public institutions.

The concept of a get-rich schemes at national and global expense is so very attractive to the average Australian. Our mining billionaires get away with every political and media foray. They buy whatever advertising they want and we back away in awe. We are the money-status worshippers. This is want makes us susceptible.  I suspect that there is some stubborn unconscious public meme immunity to Clive Palmer building up, and he won't be able to pull the same trick effectively again.

Spoof of Clive Palmer political billboard:  Current Australian government knows that preferences from Clive’s failed candidates helped push it over the seat count line in Queensland. No actual parliament seat was necessary or even actually desired. Almost any kind of voting system can be gamed by the rich.

So many Australians have suspended their disbelief and voted to let it all happen. The great swindled are all actually wanna-be swindlers, hoping the economic fortunes will somehow include them, and they can swindle and fantasize their way out of global warming.

Being a successful and important capitalist is the most rewarded and envied vocation in western civilization. Scott Morrison partakes of this commoner worship, and knows how it works. He has given to worship money status so much he has allowed them to stand over all of us. The human race is led by its programmed fantasies. Only the very rich are being allowed to dictate the majority our fantasies.

Michael Rynn
We are the great Australian gas swindled. That is you and me, whether we have seen through it or not. The gas industry is still getting away with it.
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The Great Australian Gas Swindled

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