Extinction Rebellion - Your Task

Date published: 2019-03-09

Nothing is so useless as nation-states that pretend,
that they will fix our climate health.
These King Canutes will mine coal, gas and oil, to the very end,
To avoid sacrifice of their bosses wealth.

How boring are these so political King Canutes.
Nation-states are insatiable hungry bubble beasts.
Economic tides are resistant to men in suits.
National consumption feeds on natural wealth feasts.

Climate King Canutes won't touch coal and gas exports

The bigger it gets the hungrier it must grow.
Who will be in power when the big bubble flops?
Our world is very finite, we already know.
Which suit will be sitting as nature's music stops?

The bigger it gets the harder it is to control,
the wealthiest grow so powerful and few.
They buy ideology suits for priestly role,
worship the economy, while natures deaths accrue.

Honest politicians are those who stay bought,
who they really work for is not for you.
To keep the status quo in wealth sought,
to keep the beast feeding and killing anew.

Big political parties have big coal and gas backing

Party machines form simple appositions,
based on the crazy hinged axis of traits.
This divides minds from whole positions,
into parties with half brains and reprobates.

Only half-brains can form government at a time,
dedicated to peculiar national statistics.
They all swear to serve the national line,
excluding nature by non-citizen heuristics.

Inside the party they switch off all dissent,
become the robots of chief authority.
Only the purified get allowed party ascent,
to ensure a perfectly controlled majority.

Our Mockeracy of Nature is all that grows,
success is measured in total metric tonnage.
Governments focus the little thing it knows,
rewards authority and power to successful pillage.

Behind the scenes grow the spiders of capital,
to maximize their complete takings from nature.
Until further extraction becomes impossible,
really, all of it is wasted on the future.

Parties so sure, our future gets zero worth-while,
land, sea and air become poisoned, to us hostile.
To ensure all prior existence has been made futile,
direct result of insane parties from nature exile.

Join the extinction rebellion, for all you're worth,
Nation states and their parties, don't deserve the earth.
Become a true citizen of nature's bio-shell,
against her enemies become a true earth rebel.

Michael Rynn
Nation states and their parties, don't deserve the earth. Extinction Rebellion is necessary.
Nation states and their parties, don't deserve the earth. Extinction Rebellion is necessary.
Extinction Rebellion - Your Task