When does global oligarchy Panic on Climate Change? Are we nearly there yet?

Date published: 2018-08-15

Climate Change Bites Big Business

- Manual Garcia Jnr...

It seems to me that now that climate change is biting Big Business in a big way, the mainstream media is excited to report all the lurid details of catastrophes spawned by climate change, because it is echoing the fears of their prime and patronizing audience: the loss of big money by Big Business, and its fear of the loss of future certainty of uninterrupted profitability. Big Capital is now openly scared about climate change, and that is what we are now seeing as headline news.

Maybe Big Corporations are quaking in their boots, but I can't see any of them pledging to tread less heavily on the planet, or admitting culpability. I wish. Its not really news stuff like "man bites dog". Big business continues to make money while helping us make the climate change.

I haven't seen any new kinds of climate science denial arguments for a very long time. It must be hard to keep up for the same old retreads parroting same old refuted and frivolous arguments, after 40-50 years of wasting our time. The owners of climate denial roles have corporate and government policy firmly in their hands, and won't likely acknowledge their game plan, ever, while in power. Big Tobacco also hasn't given up yet.
The "Centers of Denial Excellence" such as Australian's Institute of Public Affairs still provide handmaiden service, and comprehensive training in bullshit selling for professional Merchants of Doubt, such as the Moronic Minions in the Australian Coal Forum made up of many of our elected representative from  LNP members of parliament. When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently let fly with calls of "Idiocy and Ideology" to the objectors to the "National Energy Guarantee", he was talking about the Coal Morons. The NEG has a few "traces of emissions intensity" provisions, and this was too much for these members who seem to have more than a few traces of nuts.

Fossil Fuel Corporate funded denial has helped the Fossil Fool Oligarchy to let Earth Burn while Corporations Play God with their money, and the Fossil Fool Military Empires of the world play God with their weapons.

It has been suggested that Media may occasionally be allowed to take off their hoods of climate silence, now that Corporations are said to be losing lots of money from impacts of Climate Change. Our grossly financial world of mounting debts, comprising FIRE - Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, have been hit with massive losses due to extreme weather and wild fires, in USA and Europe.

Suddenly the western english speaking media (the usual handmaidens to Merchants of Doubt), are said to be panicking all over the place. Or does catastrophe news just sell more newspapers? Its also a question of placement, context and memory. Newspapers publish both kinds of news, denial and science, without fear of contradiction, and call it "balance". Lies and Truth is all so much the same, when only headlines matter. They can rely on their readers to figure out which bits of news where put there for them. Everyone has personal reality filters, that cannot easily see, nor recall the parts they don't want to accept. Denial media pays denial commentators to ambush and spin the news everyday, while actual events importance varies with that fickle public interest in locality.

We still need to verify if media actually try to connect these harbingers of apocalypse events to climate change, Have recent catastrophe events been connected in anyway at all with climate science, and our underlying global peak rates of greenhouse gas accumulation? The USA and Australian Oil, Coal and Gas Fossil Fools and Weapons Industry still are making war everywhere in order to burn carbon energy everywhere. No signs of national policy acknowledgement or changes in this anywhere. Events aren't all that well connected to actions that we must take.

I will believe the Big Money Corporations have had change of heart on climate science, when their minions such as Tony Abbott or Donald Trump comes out in a public panic over why isn't the world doing enough to mitigate Climate Change.

Perhaps FOX will come out with a TV special that explains how they were so wrong with their climate change denial, nd we really ought to doing something more to save their profits. The Australian Newspaper might come out with a full page Mea Culpa , and present real climate science concerning the terrible future for our grandchildren that they have helped to create.

What is most likely to happen is that these media pleas of disaster for big money may result in yet another round of Government Money Printing, in order save the rich end of town, those big insurers at risk, with more bail-outs, to help them recover from these terrible tragedies, because the whole FIRE edifice is in mortal risk. Actual climate change victims won't see very much of that.

The example of Australian Governments unilateral generous donation of $443 billion to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, is token taxpayer money given to people who are unlikely to make a difference, and who had proposed no plan for how such money could usefully spent. This had been announced "out of the blue" by energy and environment minister, Mr Josh Frydenburg. Is this the sort of panic we are looking for? Apart from the short-cutting of due process, what rings false is the entire notion that some pocket-fulls of government loose change can be thrown around to save best parts of nature, so long as we don't have to change our national behavior, so that politicians can say they are "doing something" for the reef.

The foundation will likely sing hallelujahs to the wisdom of the Liberal National Party. They will deny climate change and ocean acidity and warming are global coral reefs existential problems, since they definitely won't be campaigning on fossil fuel emissions. They may even donate some of that money back to the LNP in the typical Australian government style of donations for service.

There is no doubt that there are secondary issues that can have money thrown at,  that contribute to grief for the Great Barrier Reef, such as excess agriculture run-off, and predators of coral. These won't matter in the climate change long run, in a few decades. Increased Coal shipping through the Adani-owned Abbott Point terminal won't be a political issue for the GBR foundation.

That was a whole lot of money that could have helped more Australian farmers escape their own personal black holes of ongoing drought, which is another climate change issue.

The lack of panic in the global oligarchy, and its representatives that govern for Australia, should start to panic voters. Their parliamentary representatives do not represent their best interests, because within the life-time of current generations climate change will claim everything else.

Michael Rynn
When does global Oligarchy Panic on Climate Change? Are we nearly there yet?
When does Oligarchy Panic on Climate Change? Are we nearly there yet?
When does Oligarchy Panic on Climate Change? Are we nearly there yet?