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ALP is already disappointing, and Tony Abbott is still alive Here Blog 2018-09-21
Australian Governments are always losing the plot. Perhaps they never had it in the first place.

I don't see that a complete take over of Australia Government by China can be much worse than the idiocy we have now. So far, China isn't directly denying the causes of climate change and threatening to pull out of the Paris 2015 climate accord. Few people can do this so well as Tony Abbott and still manage to keep their electoral seat pre-selection. It might have helped if the LNP had actually had an alternative pre-selection candidate to choose from. Liberal party members had to choose between Tony Abbott and no one, and a sizeable minority thought that no-one was the best choice. We shall now hope that electorate voters do the right thing.

Coal Money and IPA right behind Australian Government Here Blog 2018-09-21

Here is a link to a Graham Redfern article, on DeSmog Blog, about a finding which got next to no mention by the Big Political Parties and Media. It shows the influence of Gina Rinehart and also no doubt, her fellow class mates, on the Australian Government. Money does it all. The IPA is an influential right wing think tank with close ties to Australia’s governing Liberal Party. IPA fellows regularly appear in the media. Payments suggest that more than a third of the IPA’s income in 2016 and 2017 was from HPPL — majority-owned privately by Gina Rinehart.

Australia rises up for Climate Getup Remote 2018-09-20

Facebook video shows many Australians rising up for climate against the coal coup leadership spill of the australian federal Government.

Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot (OVER) issuu Remote 2018-09-13

Online book of terrific pictures and text that graphically describe our current world and predicaments of now.

Has to be seen to be believed, much better than any expensive tourist holiday.

Best viewed on a large screen.
Overdevelopment X Overpopulation = Overshoot

At this rate , pretty soon, earth is going to be "Game OVER".

Power up with Sydney Shinehub Events Here Blog 2018-09-11

Shinehub community power - Two events at Dundas Community Hall Wednesday 19th September 2018. Australians pay some of the highest prices in the world for dirty unsustainable coal-fired energy. But solar gives you the power to fight back. ShineHub - Pingala in partnership with ParraCAN are launching a solar and battery campaign to lower home energy costs=2C by up to 90%. In this process you will be helping to build Sydney's largest virtual power plant.

Federal and State Government Climate Failure News Ltd Remote 2018-09-09

I do not see this sort of Article very often in a News Ltd publication.
State governments everywhere, cater specially for the interests of less than one percent of population, while their propaganda targets the bottom 20% of population. When the serfs start to doubt, then governments may tumble.

Australia is no exception. The domesticated politicians of Australian governments by priority support the interests of foreign coal and mining interests, invested in by those elites who are far less than one percent of voters.

This is now officially denied by latest Prime Muppet, Scott Morrison, parliamentary coal handler extraordinaire, who wears an Australia Flag Badge, as faked authenticity.
History shows that States always, everywhere, are enemies of the truth. States are about growth, and expanding our take from nature. States are instigators of war, concentrators of wealth and power, tools of oppression, and the playgrounds of influence by elites. Australian governments are deep in their games of mates. Its time for a big clean-out.

Australian States, as high per capita carbon emissions, are fossil fuel powered in energy and politics alike. Truths about climate change are ignored and suppressed.

Many people will now be taking these matters into their own hands. People everywhere are installing their own solar panel and battery systems, at far greater rates than before. Australian Governments have resisted the need to plan for rapid phase out of fossil fuel stationary energy generation, which is a vital first step for overall carbon emissions reductions. These poor coal critter excuses for a government need to be tumbled down into the coal mine pits from whence they came.

Sydney to drink Coal Mine Subsidence SMH Remote 2018-08-16

This is very strong evidence that the NSW Liberal Government is run for and by the interests of International Coal Oligarchs.

Water should be of prime concern for Sydney's 5 million and growing population, as we should expect the next centuries of climate change heat waves and drought.

The sacrifice of water supply quantity and quality, by NSW Government, for more Climate Change causing Coal Mining, is a typical example of lobby-purchased climate change denial and sacrifice of public interest. Obviously the NSW miniions of the Coal Oligarchs are happy to sacrifice their grand-childrens future. As usual NSW government ignores the dreadful ecological crimes that they are committing.

NEG - National Everlasting bullshit Guarantee Here Front 2018-08-14

NEG - National Everlasting bullshit Guarantee - from Juice Media.
-- from our Coalition government of keeping our Coal Moron Forum happy. The Australian Coal Oligarchy wants to hold back any change from being a massive fossil fuel burning and waste production society. Government PR that says you can always have everything for next to nothing is pure bullshit.

States are right to reject NEG, it would have been a gift to Abbott RenewEconomy Remote 2018-08-13

Renew economy article indicates that the Coal Oligarchy are still trying to rule Australia via the NEG - a gift for the Monomaniac Coal Forum aimed at keeping carbon emission reductions to minimum.  Our advancing climate change emergency says we need to pushing past targets and policy faster than we can make them. The northern hemisphere is in major heatwaves and wildfires.  Our turn next. Large scale climate change and drought advances in Australia.

The End of the Line – A Climate in Crisis Counterpunch Remote 2018-08-05

Robert Hunziker and others tell it like it is. Train wrecks in progress.

The Great Australian Artesian Hell Hole Here Blog 2018-07-30

The corporate media has failed abysmally at preparing the public for a climate changed world, let alone reporting on it. Forget about it for any serious alarmed mention by any of the major party politicians & media in Australia. Forget about it for anything but seriously same-old public relations bullshit in shovel loads of readiness for next federal election.

Climate Change is Proving Worse Than We Imagined, So Why Aren’t We Confronting its Root Cause? Counterpunch Remote 2018-07-21

Quotes from Kevin Mackay, author of "Radical Transformation: Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization"

Jared Diamond argued that many past civilizations have collapsed due to their inability to make correct decisions in the face of existential threats.

To Tainter, the ultimate mistake failed civilizations make is to continually solve problems by adding social complexity, and as a result, increasing the society’s energy needs.

However, what Tainter and Diamond failed to appreciate is how oligarchy– control over societal decision-making by a numerically small, self-interested elite –  is an even more fundamental cause of civilization collapse.

The problem is that societal elites benefit from the system’s dysfunctions, and prevent available solutions.