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Sydney to drink Coal Mine Subsidence SMH Remote 2018-08-16

This is very strong evidence that the NSW Liberal Government is run for and by the interests of International Coal Oligarchs.

Water should be of prime concern for Sydney's 5 million and growing population, as we should expect the next centuries of climate change heat waves and drought.

The sacrifice of water supply quantity and quality, by NSW Government, for more Climate Change causing Coal Mining, is a typical example of lobby-purchased climate change denial and sacrifice of public interest. Obviously the NSW miniions of the Coal Oligarchs are happy to sacrifice their grand-childrens future. As usual NSW government ignores the dreadful ecological crimes that they are committing.

NEG - National Everlasting bullshit Guarantee Here Front 2018-08-14

NEG - National Everlasting bullshit Guarantee - from Juice Media.
-- from our Coalition government of keeping our Coal Moron Forum happy. The Australian Coal Oligarchy wants to hold back any change from being a massive fossil fuel burning and waste production society. Government PR that says you can always have everything for next to nothing is pure bullshit.

States are right to reject NEG, it would have been a gift to Abbott RenewEconomy Remote 2018-08-13

Renew economy article indicates that the Coal Oligarchy are still trying to rule Australia via the NEG - a gift for the Monomaniac Coal Forum aimed at keeping carbon emission reductions to minimum.  Our advancing climate change emergency says we need to pushing past targets and policy faster than we can make them. The northern hemisphere is in major heatwaves and wildfires.  Our turn next. Large scale climate change and drought advances in Australia.

The End of the Line – A Climate in Crisis Counterpunch Remote 2018-08-05

Robert Hunziker and others tell it like it is. Train wrecks in progress.

The Great Australian Artesian Hell Hole Here Blog 2018-07-30

The corporate media has failed abysmally at preparing the public for a climate changed world, let alone reporting on it. Forget about it for any serious alarmed mention by any of the major party politicians & media in Australia. Forget about it for anything but seriously same-old public relations bullshit in shovel loads of readiness for next federal election.

Climate Change is Proving Worse Than We Imagined, So Why Aren’t We Confronting its Root Cause? Counterpunch Remote 2018-07-21

Quotes from Kevin Mackay, author of "Radical Transformation: Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization"

Jared Diamond argued that many past civilizations have collapsed due to their inability to make correct decisions in the face of existential threats.

To Tainter, the ultimate mistake failed civilizations make is to continually solve problems by adding social complexity, and as a result, increasing the society’s energy needs.

However, what Tainter and Diamond failed to appreciate is how oligarchy– control over societal decision-making by a numerically small, self-interested elite –  is an even more fundamental cause of civilization collapse.

The problem is that societal elites benefit from the system’s dysfunctions, and prevent available solutions.

Climate Change is about your children Science Daily Remote 2018-07-19

Human beings are still by recent evolution, at the core of our being, animals with deep survival instincts. One of those is the nurturing of children. A recurring theme in psychology of motivation for action on Climate Change, is to emphasis our instincts for family nurture and care, to work towards having a future environment that is survivable and sustainable for our children and grand-children.

Another one is to decrease the competitive instincts between leaders, who show great public distrust of one another. One potential solution is therefore to use this competitive mindset by having leaders compete over global reputations. For example, installing a "sustainable city award" may help majors to develop local policy to reduce car use in their cities or promote public transportation.

Unfortunately, survival of anybody at all, will not be enabled by current trends of pitting all against all. Cooperation has to be applied where it is really going to matter. Heads in the sands won't work. Heads in the sand will work even less in our children's future.

Economic Climate Change Here Blog 2018-07-14

Anthropogenic Climate Change, ought to be relabelled as "Economic Climate Change", since collapsing our global economy is the only possible way that remains to maintain a human habitable planet. In any case, the global economy will collapse regardless in another decade or two, after production limits for fossils take hold, but only after we have made future climate change that much worse again.

Seeking Maximum Power Principle is also seeking maximum extinction Resilience Remote 2018-06-28

Seeking Maximum Power for any one part of our beautiful, complex and un-fathomable world, to me, is the same as seeking maximum extinction. I found this older piece by Kurt Cobb relevant to our current predicaments. There is specific history of meanings to "Maximum Power Principle" - not the same as maximum efficiency, or maximum complexity or maximum diversity, or maximum resilience, and I am on the lookout for more insights into this.

Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all coal, oil and gas within two decades The Conversation Remote 2018-06-28

Solar photovoltaic and wind power are rapidly getting cheaper and more abundant – so much so that they are on track to entirely supplant fossil fuels worldwide within two decades, with the time frame depending mostly on politics. The protestation from some politicians that we need to build new coal stations sounds rather quaint. I do know that eventually their growth will and must become linear rather than exponential, because of "limits to growth" on all things, but at the moment we need it to be exponential.

UK climate act shows what happens if politicians work together Climate Change News Remote 2018-06-16

When politicians from opposing sides look for solutions, on the basis of evidence and in the common interest, remarkable things can be achieved. Too bad it doesn't happen everywhere all the time, because that is actually what is needed, because Global Warming is still getting worse everywhere all the time. Australian Government has yet to learn this lesson. In fact the history of Australian Government inter-party and intra-party collaboration on matters related to Climate Change matters is shamefully bad. At least the UK Committee on Climate Change, to advise the UK government, is still intact, whereas this current Australian Government has just about abolished every effort to even consider it. What is left of previous efforts is the Australian Climate Council, now  fully dependent on public financial support. Given the political history so far, Australia's Climate Council funding independence needs to be considered a very good thing, but Australian Government isolation from serious multi-party political discussion of climate reality is a very bad thing.

Stop the Sun Juice Media Remote 2018-06-02