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The Minerals Council of Australia ought to be made illegal Here Blog 2017-11-20

Australia's most renewable resource
We had climate change political fireworks on Radio National Breakfast over the past few days. (17-Nov-2017, 20-Nov-2017). The most radical item on Friday was the report on a challenge BHP contradictions between their financial support for the Minerals Council of Australia, and BHP's public policy 'positions' on climate change mitigation. 

BHP in alliance with Rio Tinto, provides the MCA with about 60% of its funding. The MCA claims all successful responsibility for Australia's climate and energy policy failure.

Tracking global climate progress since Paris Climate Council Remote 2017-11-16

Of course its Australia's Progress lack of progress in climate change action that our Australian Climate Council focuses on. We have experienced a deep betrayal by our systems of Government and our failures of community responsibility to ourselves to change that. Despite the worlds most abundant solar and wind resources,  Australian government policy has been going backwards in a "time warp".

Power Games: Tony Abbott Finally Cleans Up With Australia’s New Energy Policy New Maltilda Remote 2017-10-25

The Coalition’s new energy plan fails on every dimension: energy, environment and politics, as described by Ben Eltham. The only winner is Tony Abbott.

The government’s energy policy hinges on some tricky wordplay about coal’s role The Conversation Remote 2017-10-25

Australia coal plants are "non-dispatchable" sources of electricity, that is it they are not capable of being turned on or off at the flick of switch, and are best suited for steady "baseload" output.  Coal and Gas are "non-renewable", and also "non-burnable" because of our global climate emergency. The "National Electricity Guarantee" marketing brochure put out as government policy defines coal as "dispatchable" energy. Coal as "dispatchable energy" is a sales marketing promotion gimmick that is very typical of the Minerals Council of Australia.

ESB told to ignore climate, as lobby groups muscle in on policy Off the Grid Remote 2017-10-25

Energy Security Board told to ignore climate lobby groups, and Australian obligations to Paris Climate Treaty. It looks like another attempt to impose coal and gas tyranny on Australia by the Minerals Council of Australia and a few big energy corporations.

Energy Security Board for coal and gas in Australia Here Blog 2017-10-25
The Liberal/National Energy idea is simply a lifeline to non-renewable energy that will keep electricity prices high. It is a solution that gives a financial solution to a technical problem, empowers retailers, leaves lots of fat for the key players, but lots of bills for the consumer and slows progress on climate change. It is so sketchy on detail and definition of various parameters that it cannot be counted as a plan or policy. It is simply a political statement.
No Fracking Australian NT Lock the Gate Remote 2017-10-18

Outside the Origin Energy AGM in Sydney, near Martin Place, October 18th 2017, Lock the Gate and Seed Mob, came together for a passionate "No" to Origin Energy Plans for Gas Fracking in Australia's Northern Territory. The reputation of gas-fracking precedes itself.

Nic Clyde, from Lock the Gate, said that a number of motions concerning climate risks were being put to the Origin AGM, all of which Origin had advised its share holders to vote against. These included

  • Origin clearly quantify its risks for stranded assets of fossil fuel interests, because of carbon emission limits for having a safe climate.
  • Origin as a energy corporation, and a major energy provider in Australia, needs to publish its plan for transition to net-zero carbon energy systems.
  • Origin needs to measure amounts of fugitive emissions from its existing gas operations.

The Demise of Fossil Fuels Jeremy Leggetts Picturebook Remote 2017-10-08

Big changes are happening to energy industry.  Jeremy Leggett's visual presentation gives the headlines.

Earth Rules Here Blog 2017-10-08

I have also just taken part in a "National Day of Action" on 7th October 2017, for the "#StopAdani" campaign. I was one of thousands of human pixels, as seen by drone camera, for a large "Stop Adani" sign on Bondi Beach. Later later on that day a similar event in a large park in Newtown. Similar events happened all over Australia.

Dodgy Australian government slush fund for Adani Getup Remote 2017-10-06
Powering a 21st Century Economy: Secure, Clean, Affordable Electricity Climate Council Remote 2017-10-06

With special thanks to the Australian Government subservience to the Gas Export Industry, Renewable Energy is now by far the cheapest form of energy for electricity.

This new report from the Climate Council leaves the Australia Government climate and energy policy in the 19th Century.

Stop making a killing of Australia Medium Remote 2017-10-06

The Australian Federal Government is run for and by export coal and gas business owned by foreign corporatchiks. Government ministers do not care about our climate emergency because there are hundreds of billions of dollars to be made by fleecing Australia. Can Malcolm Turnbull keep on fooling the woolly-brained forever?