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Stop Water Commons Tragedy Here Front 2015-02-19
The water catchment areas of Sydney are a prime example of a "Commons Resource".  A commons resource is most often a renewable resource, that will continue to supply our needs, for the common good, so long as it not mis-managed.  A commons resource, is something that can be easily endangered by the intrusion of individuals that seek their own self-interest and profit.
Economic Growth Beyond Carrying Capacity Deficit Here Front 2015-02-15

There has been much ado about Budget deficit issues by the Australia Federal Government. This is about nothing, compared to the increasing Carrying Capacity Deficit of the human species. I hold the view that our carrying capacity deficit is proportional to the mainstream political intelligence deficit, as a direct consequence of denial.

Overshoot, Destruction, Collapse : Game over Here Front 2015-02-10
William R. Catton - WRC - died in January of this year. His book "Overshoot", appears not to have been heeded at all in general by current political powers.   There is only one thing worse than being noticed as "Limits to Growth" was after 1972.  It is worse not to be noticed. 
William Catton Dies : Tribute from John Michael Greer The Archdruid Report Remote 2015-02-09

William Catton Jnr published "Overshoot" in 1980. This important clearly laid out the predicaments of our industrial civilization, and therefore predicted its likely outcome. John Michael Greer, is a prolific author, with books and blogs aplenty. On his Archdruid report blog site, he  says what the book meant to him,  as he extends Cattons work and presents an outline of the constraints of our future. Because "Overshoot" was not given much mainstream publicity or credence, it failed to be hounded and criticized like "Limits to Growth".


The idea of ecological limits is still a great hurdle to mainstream comprehension.  Denial or mental deficit, we collectively act as if these problems do not exist.

If people treated gravity the way they treat ecology, you could visit a news website any day of the week and read someone insisting with a straight face that while it’s true that rocks fall down when dropped, human beings don’t—no, no, they fall straight up into the sky, and anyone who thinks otherwise is so obviously wrong that there’s no point even discussing the matter. That degree of absurdity appears every single day in the American media, and in ordinary conversations as well, whenever ecological issues come up.      --- John Michael Greer

I have read Catton's later book, "Bottleneck : Humanity's Impending Impasse". (2009) I would advise people to read it, and change their minds.
American Political Batshit: Climate Change The Ruminator remote 2015-02-05
There is a tried-and-true playbook for getting both the general public and the US government to become completely skeptical about established science. Step one is to make sure that you buy up the loyalty of as many Congressmen and Senators as you possibly can, and step two is to make the scientific data seem fraudulent.
Protect Water Catchments from Long-Wall Coal Mining Here Front 2015-02-02

ParraCAN is most concerned over the current high rate of approvals for new coal mines in NSW. We have just witnessed another big sacrifice to the coal industry, to sacrifice the Liverpool Plains.  That was a 268 million tonnes of coal, with big impacts on soil, water and native forests. Now they adding to their undermine Sydney's water catchment areas. This is insane, on each and every consideration. It should be legislated against, and if you look at the Planning Environment legislation, it actually is, but the intention is being ignored. The presence of other coal mining projects at work undermining our water future only worsens the insult to democracy. This environmental, economic and democratic blasphemy needs to be challenged in the high court.

Societies dependent on global plunder must die, stop the plunder Guardian Remote 2015-01-28

Yes there is a narrow eye of the needle that humanity might pass through in billions, if only we cut our carbon emissions. This is still happening too slowly. The global calculator is a clever tool based on spreadsheet models. ( The possibilities of futurist scenarios depend on what we do now.  Like any forecasting model its errors increase the further out it predicts. The optimists will take the best results. The pessimists will be saying that collapse is nigh. In approaching limits to growth, system behaviour changes. For sure if the world does not avoid climate disaster, few species will live well. A large fraction of species will go extinct, and humans won't be living well.
On the other hand if we try to live too well now, this increases carbon emissions, consumption of non-renewable resources, and turning nature's renewable resources into death. Humans will be the cause of their own apocalypse.
Unlike the crazy proposals in free trade agreements, such as TPP, between the governments that act as agents of internation capital, protect your local environments at all costs. The trend is that only the resilience or otherwise of local environments will determine local survival or not. If every part of the globe is compulsory plunder for every corporation, which is the general summary of what all free trade agreements and governments seem to want, there will be no survival. To succeed we must have succession from corporate sociopath plunderers, and the irresponsible governments that think they can escape by money or lifespan the Somebody Elses Problems they create. Societies dependent on global plunder must die.

Economy Degrowth Now or Die Faster Here Front 2015-01-19
There is right now an overwhleming amount and still growing ,with independent lines evidence, of much solid scientific and futurist literature on the  need for an emergency global de-growth of our Human Economy.  It is required now, although 2 generations ago would have been much better. The literature is now growing faster than the global economy. Any politician that calls for continued economic growth in mining the planet  in any form, should be declared a lunatic and become forcefully retired, as fast as if they were discovered to have recieved a bottle of wine from a mining lobbyist. Ditto for any economist.
The end of humanity : Existencial Risk You Tube remote 2015-01-15
A TEDx talk. Swedish Philosopher Nick Bostrom introduces and reviews the concepts of some far flung dimensions of travel, about our species future, in some engaging metaphors. Are we mature yet enough to apply them?
The Zombie Theories of Climate Change You Tube remote 2015-01-15
Discussion of Zombie favourites like "Climate Change is Natural" - "Its the Sun" - "1998" - "Can't trust the climate models" "Scientists want grant money" - "We've been warmer in the past" - "Arrogant or blasphemous to think that humans can change climate" "Its only a few degrees"
Climate change -- the greatest story never told You Tube Front 2015-01-15

George Marshall has been going around the world and talking to people about climate change, and talking to people about talking about climate change. He is bang on, in describing how are brains tend to work on such issues. These are universal individual and social biases. George represents the "Climate Outreach Information Network. He wants us to think about how we think. He has already given a couple of different presentations of his findings, and a book "Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change" A link to his book launch presentation - As befitting his role as a communicator, he has done several variants for different audiences.

Changing the global warming metaphor CounterPunch Remote 2015-01-15

The monumental threat of global warming / climate change just isn't reaching enough of the "Right" people. Of course there are simple metaphors that communicate in a direct way to the emotional urgency centres of our brains. But it is too easy to reject such efforts as "Alarmism". George Marshal ( Climate Outreach ) has a new book out "Don't even think about it : Why our our brains are wired to deny climate change", and has done a few entertaining you tube presentations on it. There is a social silence on the subject for most people. The main link here presents a simple discussion metaphor presentation by Peter Belmont on Counterpunch.