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A record growth in carbon emissions from electricity sector The Conversation Front 2015-01-12

Since the demise of the Australian Carbon Tax, carbon emissions from electricity generation have accelarated. It looks like we are going to need more than an extra boost in Mandatory Renewable Energy Targets. Latest National Electricity Market data shows : . . . If we get lower than average rain, electricity sector emissions might grow by a few more million tonnes and exceed 10% over the year. . . . In effect we will have just about zeroed out the emissions reductions achieved over the last few years.

Endless Growth Part 1 Motherboard Vice Front 2015-01-12

Nafeez Ahmed reivews a major new book. The book 'The Great Transition' is by Mauro Bonaiuti, an economist at the University of Turin in Italy. Nafeez asks the question : Could we be on the verge of a major tipping point in the way civilization works? Bonaiuti’s book applies the tools of complexity science to diagnose the real dynamic and implications of the global economic crisis that most visibly erupted in 2008.

How close are we to the denial dam breaking? Here Front 2015-01-02

Environmental Scientist and Activist Haydn Washington talk on 13th November, entitled "How close are we to the denial dam breaking?", on invitation from ParraCAN. See Your tube link

The Smoking Carbon Gun : Warming Unmasked Here Front 2015-01-02
Will 2015 be the year that the human species acknowledges its way of civilization is collapsing life all around it? Meanwhile 2014 vies for for hottest year on instrumental record. The IPCC report says effective radiative forcing, the net global warming rate, has increased by 43% since 2005.
Oceana Gold seeks Gold in compensation case. The Guardian Remote 2014-12-09

Australia company OceanaGold seeks compensation for not being allowed to proceed with its gold mine in El Salvador. The mine would require first access to large quantities of natural water supply systems. Gold mines in 3rd world nations are notorious for producing large quantities of polluted water.  They are also a huge rip-off, with all the pollution and water issues harming the host nation, for little benefit, whilst the mining companies make off with billions.

" . . . OceanaGold knew at the time it acquired Pacific Rim that the El Salvador government had refused to grant a mining permit for the El Dorado site, yet it proceeded with the acquisition none the less. . .".  Digging for gold in compensation rules in CAFTA - Central America Free Trade Agreement, with USA.  Even though it was a Canadian Company, now taken over by Oceana Gold.  The Australian investment company AMP is its second biggest share holder. 

The real costs of fracking CounterPunch Remote 2014-11-29

The article introduces a new book, The Real Costs of Fracking which describes results of research into insidious and subtle health problems for humans and animals in regions where fracking operations occur in the US. It also describes the efforts of government and fracking corporations to avoid discovery of harm.

Impossible standards of proof required for complex adaptive climate system The Conversation Remote 2014-11-21

No matter how strong the evidence on Anthropogenic Global Warming, some deniers will keep denying. No credible alternative scientific explanation of the total consilience of climate science evidence is on offer.

The key scientific papers on the global warming forecast Book Stores Remote 2014-11-21

Some global warming deniers say they want proof of anthropogenic global warming handed over on a platter in the form of a small number of scientific papers. . . . Its been done - David Archer and Raymond Pierrehumbert has compiled them in a book, published by Wiley. Link -  "The Warming Papers: The Scientific Foundation for the Climate Change Forecast".  Australian Kindle version link above. Nerdy,  historical math and science fun.  Fun music video by authors here -

I do not plan to buy this book, but perhaps your local library could get a copy. Google books gives the flavour -


Fracking is a war crime against Nature and People Here Blog 2014-11-20

. . . The blind pursuit of economic growth stokes a cycle of financial crisis, and wrecks our world. . . . To try to stabilise this system, governments behave like soldiers billeted in an ancient manor, who burn the furniture, the panelling, the paintings and the stairs to keep themselves warm for a night.

Breeding Ourselves To Extinction CounterPunch Remote 2014-11-19

. . . Consequently, the idea of cheap oil has become regarded as a guarantee of affordable food. There are three problems with this notion: for one, oil is a finite resource; secondly, in a vicious cycle, cheap and abundant oil will, at best, postpone the inevitable human population crash to a much higher population; and finally, all the oil will eventually wind up in the atmosphere as CO2.

Natural Gas as 'Bridge Fuel' Is Excellent Political Solution But Fails As Climate Solution DeSmogBlog Remote 2014-11-19

. . . a new study published last week by Nature magazine, which concluded that cheap abundant natural gas will actually delay any efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Fear of Collapse explains the G20 Here Blog 2014-11-18

I diagnose the ridiculous and contradictory meeting of the G20, here in Australia in 2014, as the manifestation of fear of existential collapse.