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Draining the Lifeblood – Fracking the Great Artesian Basin The AIM Network Remote 2014-11-13
. . .The GAB is the lifeblood of the eastern half of Australia, running from Cape York to Cooper Pedy, and covering almost a quarter of the Australian continent. It contains 65,000 cubic kms of groundwater, released to the surface under pressure through natural springs and artesian bores. . . . “80% of the Great Artesian Basin has a gas, petroleum or CSG exploration or production license over it.” . . . According to Queensland University soil scientist Robert Banks, the loss of water pressure due to CSG drilling may be enough to stop bore flow completely throughout the basin.
Fossil Fuel exploration - billions subsidized by taxpayers ABC Radio AM Remote 2014-11-12
Interview of author Shelagh Whitley from the Overseas Development Institute in London ... For fossil fuel exploration ... Australia spends up to three and a half billion a year on national subsidies - and we did a bit of math and that is equivalent to what it would cost to provide solar power to about half the homes in the entire state of Queensland. ... and previously we've been told that we have to actually keep two-thirds of fossil fuel reserves in the ground if we're to avoid dangerous climate change.
Sydney Walk For Water Here Blog 2014-11-10
Water supplies for human use are under threat around the world. Water supplies are in danger from mining, industrial and agricultural pollution. And access to quality water at a reasonable price for the user, is under threat from privatization. In Sydney, its water catchment ecosystems are under threat from Coal Mining.  These upland wetland areas perform vital filtration and storage functions for free, for our city of 5 million people. Only later does the water trickle into our dams. These systems are being destroyed by the long wall coal mining under the catchment area. The mining progressively undermines and collapses the rock layers between the mine and the surface, leading to cracks and permanent drainage of the wetland areas, which dry out.  This leads to a total loss of natural ecosystem water storage and filtering. After this loss, water run-off happens more quickly, with rapid erosion, and a faster silt build up in our dams. Some of the water drains down through new underground pathways and bypasses the dam storage entirely. Labor and Liberal NSW governments have been willing to approve a few years of coal mining profits as a trade off for permanent loss of capacity to supply water to Sydney, and they did this despit advice to the contrary of the catchment authority.  Now the NSW government wants to merge the catchment authority with Sydney Water, as a prelude to complete privatisation of Sydney's water supply.
Back to renewables school: busting popular myths John Kaye : Greens remote 2014-11-10
Over the past few months, the NSW parliament has been debating the Greens bill to transition this state’s electricity supply to 100% renewable sources. In the face of rising carbon emissions and a downturn in demand for Australia’s coal, this was a chance for Liberal, National and Labor MPs to put on record their vision for the energy future of NSW. P.S Unimpressed that your state representatives are voting against the Greens 100% Renewable NSW bill? Send them an email today.
Our Land, our Water, our Future Here Campaign 2014-11-10
Support the preservation of the health of your water catchment in Sydney, against the onslaught of Coal mines and Coal Seam Gas (CSG). The NSW Government promised 100% protection for water and agriculture before their last election, but they haven't come ciean.
Solar Citizens: Protect the Renewable Energy Target Here Campaign 2014-11-10
Solar Citizens need your help in a community driven campaign to push our Coal-Ignition government into surpassing themselves and maximizing the Renewable Energy Target (RET).
Stop the Maules Creek Coal Mine Here Campaign 2014-11-10
Join the Campaigners : Whitehaven Coal and the NSW State government are playing dirty coal games.  
100% Renewable Energy for NSW Here Campaign 2014-11-10
Dr John Kaye introduced into the NSW Upper House, a bill to move NSW towards 100% Renewable Energy. This is a fully fledged, fully detailed plan, and should be supported by everyone. This is our future. Tell your MP now!
Entropy and Empire: The crisis of over-development Counterpunch 2014-11-08
Living systems, organisms, and civilizations maintain structures that both store and dissapate energy. There are costs to these that increase with size. ... Entropy hits us twice, not only in the form of garbage and pollution from current activity but decaying infrastructure left over from prior development. Infrastructure yields huge returns at first but gradually transforms into a cost. In the fight against entropy, we never stop paying for prior development. The bigger our cities and power grids and irrigation systems and networks of roads, levies, sewer lines and aqueducts, the bigger the drag. A never-ending succession of problems is met with ever more complex solutions involving new technologies, specialties and bureaucracies. In the end we’re running just to stay in place. ....
Paul Krugman and The Tortoise: Why the Limits to Growth Are Real Common Dreams Remote 2014-11-08

Global economic growth in terms of GDP is slowing down. Some like Paul Krugman think further growth is both desirable and possible. Ugo Bardi, author of "Limits to Growth Revisited" and "Extracted", says why growth will not continue, no matter how efficiently we use our non-renewable resources.

Paradise Lost and Future Pending Collapse of Industrial Civilization Remote 2014-11-08

... Capitalist carbon man acted like a bull in a china shop, throwing his weight around and blindly destroying everything in his path. .... He treated the biosphere like a buyosphere, and money was his God. His epitaph was inscribed long ago by Oscar Wilde who perceptively said, “They know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Tragically, humans had their chance in a magnificent paradise and they blew it in spades.

Governments the Missing Link for Climate Action Climate Action Network International Remote 2014-11-07

Let’s face it - the science is in and it’s game over for fossil fuels. The IPCC spells out the benefits of scaling up the transition to renewable energy, such as affordability, better public health and more jobs. What started with a decade of coal will be known as the century of renewables -economics and co-benefits are on their side, while the opposite is true for nuclear and carbon capture and storage. - Kaisa Kosonen, Greenpeace climate policy advisor.