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Continued denialism is simply economic illiteracy. SMH remote 2015-04-10
. . . Ian Dunlop on Climate Change Denialism in government . . . The omens are not good. The federal government remains in total denial that climate change will have any material impact on Australia's future, Sensible climate policy has been dismantled, replaced with token gestures. Climate change does not feature in the policy reviews underway, with ludicrously Orwellian efforts being made to remove any reference to it throughout government. Every encouragement is given to new high-carbon investment, coal in the Galilee Basin and Liverpool Plains, coal seam gas in NSW and Queensland, LNG exports generally, when it is clear that, to have a reasonable chance of staying out of big trouble, we have no carbon budget left today.
#STOPADANI - Sydney Summit Here Blog 2017-08-16

As Adani ramps up, we must rise to the challenge.

Where:  Paddington Town Hall, 249 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021
When: Sat. 2 September 2017, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm AEST

'Really awful': 50-degree days possible for Sydney, Melbourne, as warming worsens Bendigo Advertiser Remote 2017-10-04

Public transport melts, literally, on really hot days, . . . When you have a bunch of days one by one, it stops the whole system.

A new study led by Australian National University (ANU) climate scientist Dr Sophie Lewis has projected daily temperatures 3.8C above existing records for Sydney and Melbourne and even hotter extremes.

100% Renewable Energy for NSW Here Campaign 2014-11-10
Dr John Kaye introduced into the NSW Upper House, a bill to move NSW towards 100% Renewable Energy. This is a fully fledged, fully detailed plan, and should be supported by everyone. This is our future. Tell your MP now!
A hard renewable energy transition Here Blog 2016-07-06
Our Renewable Future

Richard Heinberg & David Fridley discuss the real difficulties of weaning off fossil fuels and energy on demand, looking at everything we do in Our Renewable Future

A record growth in carbon emissions from electricity sector The Conversation Front 2015-01-12

Since the demise of the Australian Carbon Tax, carbon emissions from electricity generation have accelarated. It looks like we are going to need more than an extra boost in Mandatory Renewable Energy Targets. Latest National Electricity Market data shows : . . . If we get lower than average rain, electricity sector emissions might grow by a few more million tonnes and exceed 10% over the year. . . . In effect we will have just about zeroed out the emissions reductions achieved over the last few years.

Abandon Economic Growth and Fossil Fuel Wealth Here Blog 2015-12-04

I just listened to the ABC radio interview on Breakfast RN - October 29, 2015.  It strikes me how helpless and pitiful is our collective human intelligence is when admitting what is the root cause of our global warming nemesis. Brendan Pearson, the political spokesperson for the Prime Controllers of Australia, points out some most depressing facts, for those that expect the governments of industrial nations to attempt to do anything useful at all about mitigation of global warming. Of course the facts he presented were the ones that most favoured the expansion of the business interests of his clients.

Adani a dud candidate for government support SMH remote 2015-06-07
To this day, the Infrastructure PM and his trusty Infrastructure Treasurer Joe Hockey remain steadfast in their crusade to slay the CEFC, despite resistance in the Senate from those barbarous Greens and independents. It is with great ingenuity therefore that Tony and Joe have devised a foil to this dastardly profit-making CEFC. In some quarters it has been dubbed the DEFC, the Dirty Energy Finance Corporation, and it is designed to make, what else? A loss.
Adani CCRAP approval is a stunt IEEFA Remote 2017-06-07

Of course Adani would love to swindle a billion dollar loan off the Australian government. The relevant political party palms have been fully greased by donations.

IEEFA update - [ ..  "Adani Mining Pty Ltd (Australia) has negative $230m shareholders’ funds and net debts of A$1,478m as of March 31, 2017.” "Adani Power is reported this week to be trying to sell a majority stake in its flagship, loss-making Mundra import-coal-fired power plant to the Gujarat government." ..]

Electricity from coal cannot compete with low cost solar and wind energy.  New coal is climate change denial nonsense, as we already run a strong risk of going way beyond 2 degrees C of warming. Adani coal is a black hole, a stranded asset. No financial institution should lend money to this company. The Queensland and Australian governments need their heads examined, for even thinking of it.  It is a criminal offense to be giving away country, land and water, for a new coal mine.

Adani Coal mine to be tested in court on carbon emissions Here Blog 2015-11-09
The Australian Conservation Foundation has launched a federal court case against Mr Greg Hunt's approval of the Adani Coal Mine project in Queensland, citing that Mr Hunt did not give enough consideration to the large scale of carbon emissions to be produced by the project, and that effects of these emissions would contribute to serious harm to the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef has world heritage listing, which was supported and argued for by the Australia government, and therefore it is directly responsible for protecting it.  Warming and Ocean acidification are harmful to the ecosystems and structures of the reef, and are a direct consequence of carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. 
Adani funding coal stack up Here Blog 2017-06-10

There must be still a large number of ALP staffers in Canberra who do not seem to understand that the Adani Coal Mine does not "stack up".  Bill Shorten used the term "stacks up" not so long ago, presented by the ABC in April 12th, 2017, seen as footage here.

Adani mining giant faces financial fraud claims as it bids for Australian coal loan Guardian Remote 2017-08-16

In India, Adani has been charged in a fraud case where allegations with evidence say it inflated invoices for an electricity project in India to shift huge sums of money into offshore bank accounts, to the value of US$235m.