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Entropy and Empire: The crisis of over-development Counterpunch 2014-11-08
Living systems, organisms, and civilizations maintain structures that both store and dissapate energy. There are costs to these that increase with size. ... Entropy hits us twice, not only in the form of garbage and pollution from current activity but decaying infrastructure left over from prior development. Infrastructure yields huge returns at first but gradually transforms into a cost. In the fight against entropy, we never stop paying for prior development. The bigger our cities and power grids and irrigation systems and networks of roads, levies, sewer lines and aqueducts, the bigger the drag. A never-ending succession of problems is met with ever more complex solutions involving new technologies, specialties and bureaucracies. In the end we’re running just to stay in place. ....
Drought Takes Hold as Amazon’s ‘Flying Rivers’ Dry Up Climate Central 2014-11-03
... Some Brazilian scientists say the absence of rain that has dried up rivers and reservoirs in central and southeast Brazil is not just a quirk of nature, but a change brought about by a combination of the continuing deforestation of the Amazon and global warming.
The Minerals Council of Australia ought to be made illegal Here Blog 2017-11-20

Australia's most renewable resource
We had climate change political fireworks on Radio National Breakfast over the past few days. (17-Nov-2017, 20-Nov-2017). The most radical item on Friday was the report on a challenge BHP contradictions between their financial support for the Minerals Council of Australia, and BHP's public policy 'positions' on climate change mitigation. 

BHP in alliance with Rio Tinto, provides the MCA with about 60% of its funding. The MCA claims all successful responsibility for Australia's climate and energy policy failure.

Energy Security Board for coal and gas in Australia Here Blog 2017-10-25
The Liberal/National Energy idea is simply a lifeline to non-renewable energy that will keep electricity prices high. It is a solution that gives a financial solution to a technical problem, empowers retailers, leaves lots of fat for the key players, but lots of bills for the consumer and slows progress on climate change. It is so sketchy on detail and definition of various parameters that it cannot be counted as a plan or policy. It is simply a political statement.
Earth Rules Here Blog 2017-10-08

I have also just taken part in a "National Day of Action" on 7th October 2017, for the "#StopAdani" campaign. I was one of thousands of human pixels, as seen by drone camera, for a large "Stop Adani" sign on Bondi Beach. Later later on that day a similar event in a large park in Newtown. Similar events happened all over Australia.

Coal Politicians are climate cowards on the run Here Blog 2017-10-03

Having to give up on Coal energy is an admission that we human beings are dominated by Nature and its Limits. Those people with a simple dominances setting seem to have low empathy, and when emotions are cut off, we have a low chance of communicating with them using common sense, because they are too frightened of losing dominance.

Ms Palasczuk, global climate arsonist and environment wrecker Here Blog 2017-10-03

Ms. Palasczuk, global climate arsonist, environment wrecker

A billion dollars of Australian taxpayer dollars, could buy thousands of jobs outright in Queensland, and take us further down the path of climate safe energy, in the urgent transition needed for our global climate emergency. Instead these Coal Crooks and their mates plan to give it to a nearly bankrupt, tax-dodging, environment criminal, dodgy Indian billionaire, and promote greenhouse gas emissions beyond global safe climate limits. The strictest environmental "conditions" in the world, won't hold back a corporation with a track record of breaking them all, and Coal Mining is awful dirty and unhealthy. Premier Palasczuk's promotion of the Adani mine is a direct accelerant of our global climate emergency, she a global warming arsonist, and she should be publicly treated as an arsonist. The Adani Carmichael project needs to be stopped by every means possible. Adani is already too hot to handle, for all the banks that have turned it down.

Four Corners digs into Adani Coal Crooks Here Blog 2017-10-03

Game of Mates: Coal Crooks - Mark Vaile, Steven Ciobo, Gautam Adani
ABC TV broadcast its Four Corners investigation documentary of "Digging into Adani" last night , October 2nd. Available on ABC iView, for viewing or download. The  program captured pretty well the underlying sleaze, corruption, environmental damage, tax evasion, behind the rise of this Indian Corporate Behemoth. The Australia government is bending over backwards for them. I have seen the evidence all over in bits and pieces on our fragmentary media. Our ABC have done a public service in bringing it together.

Corporatchik fossil fuel religion of Australian Government Here Blog 2017-09-30

More evidence of the fossil fuel dictorship. In case you are wondering what sanctions the federal government will place on states like Victoria and NSW that hold up CSG fracking, in response to environmental activism, it will be a monetary penalty.   Victoria, NSW to be penalised for outlawing fracking under Grants Commission plan

Environmental "savings" and "heritage" , land and water, are so obviously worth lots of money. A safe climate, and intact land and clean water, have eternally lasting value. These corporatchiks for fossil fuel profit are wasting energy, destroying agriculture, and doing climate crime. When will these fossil fuel worshippers learn the prayer for life on earth?

Fossil Fueled Dictatorship of Australia Here Blog 2017-09-28

This is in response to a Getup campaign email on 28th September, 2017, which asked for submissions to the Joint Selection Committee on Electoral Matters. The "major problem" with Australia's system of political finance is the "perception" of corruption, according to a new Parliamentary Committee report. Nothing at all wrong with reality them?

Leadership of Climate Boobies Here Blog 2017-09-26

No offence intended to the blue-footed booby here, but it currently displays more intelligence than our current political leadership of climate boobies. Climate boobies are us, while we continue to trigger off more global climate booby traps while burning more fossil fuels, or selling our fossil fuels cheaply for others to burn. Everything else is petty local concerns, including the current Domestic Gas supply and prices crisis.

Murdoch media sets new world record for climate science trash reporting panic Here Blog 2017-09-21

There is no real point in picking on the trashiest of climate science report panic which is current in the Murdoch Media Empire.  I picked up a Daily Telegraph in the coffee shop over lunch, and dispassionately read Andrew Bolt diatribe declaring "the panic has ended".  Not true, the Murdoch Media is in an absolutely frenzied state of panic that the glory days of fossil fuels are coming to an end, and Andrew Bolt is a daily hysterical positive proof.