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Economic Climate Change Here Blog 2018-07-14

Anthropogenic Climate Change, ought to be relabelled as "Economic Climate Change", since collapsing our global economy is the only possible way that remains to maintain a human habitable planet. In any case, the global economy will collapse regardless in another decade or two, after production limits for fossils take hold, but only after we have made future climate change that much worse again.

Seeking Maximum Power Principle is also seeking maximum extinction Resilience Remote 2018-06-28

Seeking Maximum Power for any one part of our beautiful, complex and un-fathomable world, to me, is the same as seeking maximum extinction. I found this older piece by Kurt Cobb relevant to our current predicaments. There is specific history of meanings to "Maximum Power Principle" - not the same as maximum efficiency, or maximum complexity or maximum diversity, or maximum resilience, and I am on the lookout for more insights into this.

Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all coal, oil and gas within two decades The Conversation Remote 2018-06-28

Solar photovoltaic and wind power are rapidly getting cheaper and more abundant – so much so that they are on track to entirely supplant fossil fuels worldwide within two decades, with the time frame depending mostly on politics. The protestation from some politicians that we need to build new coal stations sounds rather quaint. I do know that eventually their growth will and must become linear rather than exponential, because of "limits to growth" on all things, but at the moment we need it to be exponential.

UK climate act shows what happens if politicians work together Climate Change News Remote 2018-06-16

When politicians from opposing sides look for solutions, on the basis of evidence and in the common interest, remarkable things can be achieved. Too bad it doesn't happen everywhere all the time, because that is actually what is needed, because Global Warming is still getting worse everywhere all the time. Australian Government has yet to learn this lesson. In fact the history of Australian Government inter-party and intra-party collaboration on matters related to Climate Change matters is shamefully bad. At least the UK Committee on Climate Change, to advise the UK government, is still intact, whereas this current Australian Government has just about abolished every effort to even consider it. What is left of previous efforts is the Australian Climate Council, now  fully dependent on public financial support. Given the political history so far, Australia's Climate Council funding independence needs to be considered a very good thing, but Australian Government isolation from serious multi-party political discussion of climate reality is a very bad thing.

Stop the Sun Juice Media Remote 2018-06-02

Climate Treason in Australia Here Blog 2018-05-31

Dear Minister for Energy,  NSW government,

Its pretty obvious from 2 recent books I have read in full, that our state and federal governance regards global warming, comes last among all the other environmental predicaments. All are afraid of doing anything that might actually help. We have an entire culture of first - class idiots and elites throwing away the life-boats on their Titanic engine of Global Growth. Faster and Further go the Life Bull-Dozers, while the captains of industry refuse to change course.

Shrinking the Earth - Donald Worster

The Great Derangement - Amitav Ghosh

Really, you can't eat the earth then live on it afterward

Turnbull's Bullshit is so Slimy,

He wants to fund Adani,
The biggest dirty coal-men,
A global warming Con-Demn, **
For heads that think so Tiny.

** A Condom is required for any contractual relations. Divorce or abstinence is much safer.

Malcolm's Plan Here Side 2018-05-31

Turnbull's Bullshit is so Slimy,
He wants to fund Adani,
The biggest dirty coal-men,
A global warming Con-Demn,
For heads that think so Tiny.

China Expands Trade Routes - Another Global Trade Empire Catastrophe Medium Remote 2018-05-28

Growth and Trade are thought to be "good" for everyone, just ask Australian Trade Minister Mr Steven Ciobo.

Only the costs to ecosystems and climate are extemely high. Easier to say when it is a "foreign" empire.

As the linked article implies, we take less care for other nations ecosystems. Globalist corporations find it easiest of all, with no sense of national home.

So easy to not see this. Is this another "great acceleration"? It undoes goals to reduce global carbon emissions. Now we have to rely on the economic collapse of fossil fuel production, to stop climate derangement.

The already established Anglo-European trade empire, enabled by oil, accelerated mutual consumption of everything, that is what trade and growth does, and accelerated climate change.

Hot, Dry and Deadly: Near term future impacts of climate change in NSW Nature Conservation Council Remote 2018-05-20

Renewable energy is the Good News Here Blog 2018-05-20

Renewables, excluding large hydro, made up three-fifths of net power capacity growth in 2017 and supplied a record 12% share of global electricity generation.

Global renewable investment held steady, with falling costs ensuring the same money bought record levels of new capacity. Within that, developing nations, led by China, claimed an ever-larger share of the total as investment fell steeply in several European countries.

Global solar capacity grew faster than fossil fuels in 2017, says report Carbon Brief Remote 2018-05-20

The original article graph from the linked article is redone with one extra column - Total new renewable energy capacity - since fossil fuels is total new Coal, Gas and Oil. This marks the decline of total fossil fuel investment from 2013, while new Solar investment continued to rise, and new Wind less so.
A Plan to Repower Australia Getup Remote 2018-05-17

Download and read the plan -  100% Renewable, 100% Doable, 100% Better

Rewrite the rules, Repower the country, Replace the polluters