Australian Houses Of Corruption

The Liberal National Parties and Australian Labor Party take millions of dollars in donations from public subsidized corporations that don't even get taxed. How is that for self interest?
Are the political parties just extensions of the foreign corporations, or are these corporations vehicles for private interests of the politicians. I cannot say, it can be both at the same time.
There was also Scott Morrison's announcement at the G7 to open large areas of Australia's southern ocean for offshore oil and gas exploration, like it was big kudos for Australia at a fossil fuel corporation shareholders meeting.

Adam Bandt speaks to a nearly empty government chamber, on its latest dual party approved climate crime. Public taxpayer money is to be again to be spent for foreign corporate gas interests on the Beetaloo Basin gas project across the Northern Territory.
"On industry figures, gas is dirty as coal. .. Worse than Adani. ... It fast tracks climate collapse. ...We don't have time left. ...This is not just a climate crime, this is state sanctioned corruption".

Probably our political corruption has to be typical of all nations in late industrial civilisation.

Such accusations can't be faced or denied.  Adam speaks under parliamentary privilege. Government denial might draw undue attention. It certainly won't appear in the Murdoch Mining Press.

Two fat corporate crime white men in party power suits sit at the central table. One is probably the speaker. No one will come and arrest them. There is no ICAC to investigate federal parliament. You can drive a coal truck through the laws on federal party donations Even Anthony Albanese said words to the effect he never smelled a whiff of corruption. Major parties will never find themselves corrupt. Why no ICAC?

I get the overall impression, that the G7 nations, and probably every single other nation with big fossil fuel energy dependence, cannot willingly take the economic hits to suffer global warming mitigation. Secretly and seriously the G7 and all the others secretly plan to keep using the global fossil fuel reserves for as long as economically possible, in order to keep up with their competitors, which will keep throwing more emissions at global warming. We will consume until everything is dying on this planet. This is in contrast to however much rhetoric comes up about climate change mitigation happens at international meetings, and whatever amounts of renewable energy technology get added. Those that have the money also have all the biggest guns and the biggest armies. No one will make them abandon their fossil fuelled empire. Its a boys toys game.

Industrial Renewable Energy (IRE) will never be sufficient to feed the hungry monster of industrial civilization. Industrial civilization intends to grow as fast as possible, using up all energy as fast as possible, until it finally collapses as fast as possible. Evidence is that IRE supplements, not replaces fossil fuel energy, in the market place. We will have to wait for fossil fuel energy economics to die off in their own sweet time.  When fossil fuel extraction and processing costs become too big, the whole economy will collapse. IRE substitution hasn't really happened much yet. There is no serious carbon price anywhere yet. The carbon tracker budgets show this is likely to be far too late, and 2050 for net-zero is already insufficient and far too late.

Richard York - Nature Climate Change -  - Do alternative energy sources displace fossil fuels?

What won't even be given the grace of denial in the Australian Houses of Corruption

Michael Rynn
Adam Bandt, greens leader, speech condemning climate criminal actions of Australia Government.
Australian Houses Of Corruption, Canberra, Federal Parliament House of Representatives, Climate Crime, Party Donations, Taxpayer funded foreign corporations
Australian Houses of Corruption

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