Climate War Games or Climate Peace
The Author outside GDH Offices, (Global Heating Denialist - Adani coal mine facilitators), with AYCC member to left, and a Parramatta Greens council member on the right.

Australian Politicians cannot say no to new gas fracking and new coal projects, while large numbers of Australian people are saying no to them. The obvious conflicts of interest between people and government are here now.

Only the advanced corruption of government riddled with cancerous cash for exploitation, is capable of going against the plain simple scientific obvious truth. Australian government politicians are not genuine people-representative politicians, they are running wholesale shopping outlets for mining corporations, with the staff on the cash registers being seduced as the future employees of the mining corporations. This is an illegal and immoral government with its head in the greenhouse gas fumes.

The inconvenient global heating truth for our government of foreign mining corporations,  has been for decades now, that no new gas fracking projects, nor new coal mine projects, should be undertaken, and the economic circumstances that this creates be planned for, and adapted to. Nothing else is really going to matter for us, if this path is not followed.

It makes me very nervous to read today that senior bureaucrats and military are "war-gaming" various extreme climate scenarios, that they know for sure are coming in future decades.   Senior ministers in the usual cash-advance paid for roles, still continue to push at everyone for new coal , oil and gas projects, whilst stepping up the penalties for activist activities against them, and planning evictions of the original inhabitants. Yes it is a case of cash-money before people and environment again. No does not mean "No" for Australian politicians who are global heating deniers (GHD).

Government and bureaucracy display the same old growthist thinking that has created our predicaments, and completely prioritizes reaction rather than scientific guided mitigation, and current emergency planning in practice will be for maintaining "business as usual".

Upton Sinclair has a frequently used quote that goes "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
It is time we turned the sense of that quote around, and make it more specific. Below is my version.

When global heating denial and ignorance is professed, by a government minister, then his political policy, thinking and behavior are entirely determined by party donations from the coal, oil and gas industry, and he is planning to carry out acts of national and global climate treason, for personal gain.

It is not that the government has widespread intellectual disability. It is that they are all power sociopaths and too clever at lying. We have a national government owned by vested interests and bloody-minded denial.

The minister for not knowing

It isn't very much of further step, for the fossil fuel owned state, to order the police and military to be ordered to do mass arrests of climate protestors and political party members that support them. We have already had pointed intimidation of journalists by police raids, and prosecutions against those revealing inconvenient truth. Australia is dangerously close to foreign fossil fuel controlled fascist despotism. The current situation is tightening up with "fake government" approvals for plans to frack the Northern Territory for methane gas, and sacrifice the Galilee Basin and its peoples for more coal mines.

Michael Rynn
Australian corporate craven politicians are not genuine politicians, as they cannot say "No" to all new coal and gas projects.
Australian Corporate Craven Politicians, No to new gas and coal, Global Heating Denial, GHD
Climate War Games or Climate Peace

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