Do we protest enough yet?
Blockade Australia: Our global trade exports fossil fuels, for lifestyles that import greenhouse gas emissions.
Blockade Australia: Sending a message that Government does not want public to hear.

Reactions to a blockade of traffic in Sydney, proves just how much Government is "single minded" on business as usual.  Nothing must interfere with keeping the fossil fuel export business going, as all of our governments are captured by foreign fossil fuel interests, paid by illusion of wealth which has captured the minds of politicians.  There is evidence that we pay more in public subsidy than is returned by royalty payments on exports, but such facts are ignored.

Governments are especially allergic to protests by activist groups, and typically raises fines and punishments beyond those that are given to errant corporations. Profits now seem more important than having a future. "Blockade Australia" was formed in November last year in response to the climate crisis, aiming to “take resistance seriously and think about what kind of action will wield power relevant to the eyes of the Australian state”. Just how far can protest go to impact the mono-maniacal madness of the industrial state. How can the totalitarian capture of the state by fossil fuel industries be countered? Protest and appeals to politicians from a science basis are ignored. Climate Scientists are dismissed.

This should be a strong reminder that our days of fossil fueled lifestyles are running down fast. Global heating impact events are happening now. Government negligence over impacts of climate change, and unwillingness to admit it, is at a maximum. Global oil supply, which is the master resource for our economies, is officially declining now. It will be likely declining by 8% every year by 2025.

Interstate conflicts over resources normally arise, and will serve to accelerate our global resources and pollution crisis.   Our global ecological overshoot is bound to future global destruction and decline. Our regulatory institutions are all tied into helping foreign corporations making profits. Our car powered prosperous Australian way of life is a trade with future global climate disaster. The organization of our society is not prepared for the cliff - fall to come, because Australia has been buffered from direct impacts of the oncoming crises, by its large trade tribute of raw materials.  There are many report hints that the wealthy elites have prepared their personal disaster bunkers, slush funds and foreign getaways, because that is what human beings in their positions generally do.

Michael Rynn
Official reactions to activists blockade of traffic in Sydney, proves how much States and Businesses prefer to smother climate change messengers.
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How far do we need to go?

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