Federal government sells Australia for coal mine

Various reports in foreign newspapers indicate that Game of Mates in Australian Federal Parliament, is trying hard to make the Adani - Carmichael coal mine go ahead regardless of how much public and environment activist opposition is happening.

Why hasn't the Australian Government already dammed the Galilee Basin Coal Mine projects, starting with Adani? It is a whole series of Game of Mates coal mine projects, that would end up ruining the land and water of the entire region, rendering them unfit for all other purposes. And help finish off the barrier reef.  And push catastrophic global warming onwards more rapidly than we are already doing now. Who benefits?

The Minerals Council of Australia, its mining magnates, and the Executives of the Australia Parliament and the major political parties are all lined up like pigs at trough, awaiting the flow of money from selling out the Australian people, and their global responsibility. Favour trading is their game.

Their is plenty free money love between the coal industry and their mates in the Liberal National Party (LNP) of Australia, or "grey gifts", as the book "Game of Mates" describes.  There are also game of mates collusions within the Australian Labor Party. The marriage-equality plebescite now seems like a perfectly timed distraction to pull on the Australian public, while the Adani Coal mine tries again to start work on the mine this October as it claims it will. The LNP and ALP care about the coal money first.

The mine has been promised to Adani by the LNP and ALP. NAIF board is stacked by coal interests. Adani is spreading its boasts around India, here reported by the Hindustan Times, on 27th August 2017, as if Adani has already won the game, and has the Australian government where he wants them, but this is not reported here in Australia.

Bill Shorten,  said Adani should go ahead, only if it stacks up financially. Bill surely knew already that the money fix was already being set up, and dares not speak against it on other grounds, because too many of his mates are in on the money game, and for all we know, so is Bill Shorten. The Queensland Labor government is thrall of pro-coal unions, and which appear to value a handful of coal jobs, over renewable energy. The same union bosses are surely in cahoots with the coal industry, and have no interest in the general economy, or climate science. They get to share in their rewards for helping in the game of mates. A climate council report says nothing about the Adani Mine stacks up. Bill probably hasn't read it.

Take Mr Cameron Milner, no stranger to lobbying and helping bring political parties to power in elections. Former Queensland ALP state secretary, lobbyist, election strategist, and now Adani lobbyist again. Oh, and he's also right now helping the Palaszczuk Queensland ALP government with its Campaign. Influence from a foreign corporation into the heart of Australia government. Dual citizenship rules cannot touch this.

On September 11th 2015, the Australia Financial Review reported that Bill Shorten hired Cameron Milner as his chief of staff.  Mr Milner was expected to produce another election miracle for Bill Shorten.

But the appointment of Cameron Milner – the former Queensland ALP state secretary turned lobbyist – to run Opposition Bill Shorten's office, has ruffled quite a few feathers in the ALP's powerful right wing faction in his home state.

Although credited with delivering two landslides state election victories for former Labor premier Peter Beattie in 2001 and 2004, Mr Milner has had an ugly split from the Australian Workers Union faction in Queensland, including former treasurer Wayne Swan, after two recent failed attempts at entering parliament.

Mr Milner, a father of four, has been working as a lobbyist since he stepped down as state secretary in 2004. His firm, Next Level Strategic Services – co-owned by former conservative staffer David Moore – has a range of clients, including Visy and Indian energy giant Adani which has been trying to build its controversial $16.5 billion Carmichael mine in Central Queensland.

. . . But parliament's loss is Mr Shorten's gain, according to Mr Beattie, who said Mr Milner's tactical skills as an election campaigner were unrivalled.


Although the LNP almost lost its way in the 2016 election, Bill Shorten and the ALP somehow failed to overcome them.  Mr. Milner resigned shortly after the election result became known. Perhaps he felt his election magic touch no longer worked.

In any case he's back inside an election campaign, right now, August 2017, for the Queenland ALP Palaszczuk government's bid to be returned to power. And he is still a lobbyist for Adani. The ALP thinks we should think nothing of this.

Lobby group GetUp said both Labor and the LNP were “too close to the mining industry, to the detriment of the people of Queensland”.

“The Palaszczuk government is making decisions about Adani’s royalties, infrastructure and environmental approvals,” GetUp climate campaign director Sam Regester said.

“It’s a massive conflict of interest to have Adani’s lobbyist engaged in (Ms Palaszczuk’s) election campaign.”

Labor state secretary Evan Moorhead has said there was no conflict of interest.


That is exactly how the "game of mates" is played. There is no conflict interest for them, because all the mates expect to benefit each other, political job or money investment wise, and they will always naturally pick their own self-interest, the only horse to back. Who else is better to vouch for a former ALP state secretary, than a current ALP state secretary, playing the same game? Advancement in the ALP is about mates, favours and factions. They get trained into trading favours. It is how the long established political parties "work", along with large amounts of corporate donations, another sort of favour.

Who are not the mates?  Just about everyone else, including the ordinary people of Queensland. They, and we, will pay the very long term destruction, poisoning, of land and water in Queensland, the harm to the great barrier reef, the legislative and assault on rights of First peoples, impacts on local ecosystems, and global impacts of carbon emissions, The Federal government of Mates has promised to help pay for a coal mine that will loose money. Not for them.  They will pocket the money, for expenses we get to pay, for the "externalities", and for the failure to invest in something far better.  Legal court cases do not help very much when the law has been far too narrowly written for the benefit of foreign mining corporations, and not local or global environment. Judges are trained to weigh value in present dollars as much as does the game of mates.

Once it is built, the Carmichael mine will be one of the biggest in the world. It will include six open-cut pits and five underground mines across an area five times the size of Sydney Harbour. The coal will be transported to India, travelling from the mine via a new 189 km rail link, to a waterfront coal terminal at Abbot Point in North Queensland. The giant mine will generate so much coal that the terminal swill need to be expanded to accommodate it.

Adani is confident that he will tie up the funds to complete the project.

“The project will be funded by internal accruals, NAIF and foreign banks. Talks have already started with the banks,” he added


Hindustan Times article dated 27th August 2017.

Too bad that several of the 'facts' in , includes unchecked Adani propaganda, including the "10,000" jobs, which boiled down to less then 1,500 in a court case.

Talks with many banks, have in fact finished, after they turned Adani down, with help from public pressure.

At least some USA political reporting has looked at reports outside of the game of mates government.

"Adani's Carmichael mine is a slow train to ruin"


And here is a link to Climate Council page with the report. Their reports are written for the Australian public.  Too many politicians take no notice of the Australian Climate Council

Here are this reports big letter conclusions-.

Risky Business: Health, Climate and Economic Risks of the Carmichael Coalmine

  1. Developing any new thermal coal mines, particularly of the scale of the Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin, is fundamentally at odds with protecting Australians from the impacts of climate change.
  2. Opening up the Galilee Basin undermines other industries, such as tourism and agriculture.
  3. The Carmichael mine is a risky financial investment and promises of economic benefit are overblown.
  4. Coal is very harmful to human health.

The ALP and LNP don't want to "Stop Adani", because it would stop play in some of their current games of reciprocal favours.

The Australia public have a duty of responsibility to to stop them. We have to #StopAdani, because the Australian government won't.  Adani can invest in renewable energy here, but not coal mines. Various campaigns and events are underway to bombard and pressure Australian politicians on this until they made to squeal.

author: Michael Rynn
description: The Australian government continues to push forwards the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine Project. It fails its duty of proper administration.
keywords: Carbon Budget, Galilee Basin, Game of Mates, Adani Carmichael Coal Mine, Minerals Council of Australia