Global climate alarms at near maximum

In response to a recent article at "" from Will Steffen, Emeritus Professor at Australia National University.  How can we alter our future reality faster? By seeking new answers to it every day.

The momentum of global heating heating is a now fully activated threat. It has a predictive timetable, set by our rate of global heating that is getting worse. Effective survival responses are required now. For many nations and species, our fastest institutional responses will be too slow to survive. Our current wasteful way of life is as good as gone now. We are among so many dead systems still working without lasting purpose.  Sad, because there our energy, transport and production systems seem have started adapting.The rate of climate change is much faster.

...the world’s major food baskets will experience more extreme droughts than previously forecast, with southern Australia among the worst hit globally. - Will Steffen

Natural biosphere systems have never been stress tested with this rate of global climate change. Exclude just one major asteroid impact in the deep past, that marked the end of the age of dinosaurs. Then never before in the history of multi-cellular life has global climate changed so fast. Do not imagine that our current rate of global heating is linear. Change is now at 0.25 degrees C or more per decade. Ocean heating rate is at a new record, equal to adding the energy release of 6 Hiroshima-strength bombs every second.

Stress on biological systems is getting dramatically worse as our climate extremes reach limits of species survival. That is what we experiencing now. Rapid growth of extreme conditions place species beyond rates of adaption, evolution or migration.  Sure, there are some resilient survival species, but with great loss of bio-diversity.

Active climate tipping points in 2020
...9 of the 15 known global climate tipping points that regulate the state of the planet have been activated. - Will Steffen

On our Australian great barrier reef, coral species are just about gone, from threatened to wiped out in just a few decades. The government "grant" of funds given for "protection" have barely been spent. The rate of climate change impact on biological systems quickly exceeded our human system response times, even if something could have been done.

As new extremes happen, previous extremes become a "new normal". For our global civilisation, our systems collapse will happen within a few years, after yearly climate extremes attack the limits of our water and food survival systems. The good news is that net-zero emissions from human civilization will be most likely reached before 2050, because civilisation will have collapsed into survival modes. With it goes human ability to maintain high levels of technology, energy consumption, GDP, and no chance of any further global climate engineering.

Many groups of our kind might not survive long enough to find out how far back down the evolutionary species tree the wipe-out will go. There are faint hopes that instituted social authorities will in time "see the light". This is difficult in all ways, given our difficulty of anticipation systems collapse. Get prepared for your own mass migration. Elites seem work for the purpose of squirreling their getaways, than on mobilising climate action. If they fit their narrow job descriptions as prescribed by our rigid institutions, this only means that too many of our social systems are insane and without lasting purpose.

There is no place on earth left to run, to escape our system impacts.  Everyone will have to cope with rising steps of extremes every year. Radical actions will be forced in response, if not prepared for in anticipation. Right wing authoritarian governments will most likely carry out repression of news and popular responses. In the face of regular climate extremes and social collapse, future state governments will make futile efforts to maintain order and acquire control over survival resources and migrations.

Radical mitigation and adaption requires social diversion from the typical power, wealth, control and competition games played by elites at all levels of government. Survival depends on widespread social agreement on the nature of the threat, and purposeful actions.  Denial means no escape. 

If you think climate alarmism is a thing, then none of us have fully experienced future climate change yet, as beyond our systems limits. When this level is reached, it will be game over.

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