Our crazy species needs to set limits on itself

The Independent Planning Commission is scheduled to hear public submissions on the Narrabri Gas Project. Speaker registration has already closed, and they have been numerous, and these will take all week, from five days from July 20 to July 24th, 2020. Written submissions are still being accepted, for about a week afterwards.  
It is good that the NSW has appointed a few commissioners, that seem well qualified for this task. Five days is a long time for a strenuous public hearing of all views, in front of the public. It will be video-streamed. It will seem like a long deliberative trial, only there is no random selected jury.  All sorts of persons will have a lot to say, with some repetition, especially the public, and public organisations on behalf of nature. I expect that all sorts of persons, will have much to say. This is too important to be decided by politicians and proponents of the project, that are typically biased by vested - interest.

Nature's wider interests need to be represented, because we are just part of nature.  The people that live or work in the area will have a say. In general our Political Party and Project proponents do not seem to be very good at restraining fossil fuel mining developments, as both always push for "growth", of economy and profits, and both collaborate in preventing public opposition. The only growth they do not seem to ever propose is setting higher taxes for the corporations and the wealthy. 

Our culture is saturated with the idea of limitless accumulation—of power and riches. A rhetoric of limitlessness goes hand in hand with the imposition of strict limits on those with less power.    -- Giorgos Kallis in "Limits"

Instructions of how to observe the live hearing sessions, put in a written submission are online here.

A petition calling for the IPC to reject the mining proposal is online for the Nature Conservation Council here.