Outing the enemy within
Kaiser Wilhelm II used the allegorical lithograph Peoples of Europe, Guard Your Most Sacred Possessions (1895), by Hermann Knackfuss, to promote Yellow Peril ideology as geopolitical justification for European colonialism in China.

To the most hostile and fearful politicians of Australia,

The targeting of Mr Moselmane for having expressed China appreciation sentiments by police raids has been timed perfectly just before peak pre-poll voting period as part of the tight Eden-Monaro by-election. The media mud is likely to stick a while longer after failure of the spooks to disprove innocence, whilst the perpetrators will never be accused of lack of national security vigilance. The legislation under which this was done, smells of over-reach and being subject to political manipulation.

The ALP could not be seen to make a fuss, and cowed back superbly. Any squeak of complaint would be going against national security vigilance, and hurt their by-election chances. The LNP have learned to read their cowardly opposition perfectly. It is not so long ago that the ALP were loudly hectoring in Federal Parliament about new MP Gladys Liu being a "fit and proper person", because of her various Chinese ethnic and political connections. After all, it is a politicians job to get to know people and have connections.

Mr Moselmane lives and has an office in Rockdale where the majority language by source ancestry is Chinese. He is a Labor MP in the NSW upper house and this was a first for an Australian Muslim. This makes him a natural target for Australian political paranoid suspicions of cultural differences public dislike of those that stand up for other cultures. Nobody in the mainstream media has had a word to say in his favour.

Otherwise, he does not seem to be a particularly outspoken, protected or high ranking member of the ALP. No definitive accusations have been made, only the witch hunt tactic of seizing everything, so the secret spooks are hoping something will be found later to justify their being very spooked.

I believe that people of Chinese background, who may have worked in Mr Moselmane's office, of whom no details about arrests or raids exist, ought to be able to take jobs in political offices without fear of arrest and arbitrary secret interrogation and siezure without specific charges. They are not likely to be more susceptible on average than anyone else of breaking security practices. They are not so different to the practised leakers in Canberra. No one should be surprised for any MP to have workers in their office of Chinese background. This is as far as the public information on these trumped up raid charges goes. There are many generations of Asian people here in Australia and many work in offices.

China association guilt now gets regularly hounded and tainted by allegations and spook raids. It doesn't help to also have ongoing global cyber crimes and hacking from sources presumed to be aligned with Chinese political apparatus. China is a security state, with the same goals and behaviours as Australia. In the pecking order, Australia allows itself to spy and bug low status third world countries with impunity, like East Timor, for the goal of state advancement by fossil fuel resource acquisition. Revealing this secret is an Australian National Security Crime. No difference to China at all. Australia has the misfortune to think itself an independent first world nation, whereas it is highly infiltrated by commercial and political interests of global corporations, like any other western government.

Australia has to be feeling very insecure, since WWII it has saddled itself with the major handicap of being hog-tied with dog-like devotion to every subsequent misadventure of the USA empire. We are predisposed to big spends on third rate expensive USA military lemons for their prestige. Normal Australian government corruption is by collaboration with international fossil fuel interests. These moves fund parties and make political careers rather than get prosecuted as crimes. MPs never get raids or even questions about their ties to the fossil fuel industry. It generates so much money for their parties, they all consented to be in the game together. It makes elections so tame.

Global antagonisms and wars between nations are based on access to critical resources. Energy is the key to running our high consumption lifestyles, and deadly war empire. Our economic growth has meant growth in Coal, Oil, Gas, Water, Soil and Trade, and the extreme denial of global heating.

Since industrial times, we have let big COG increase our demands on Water, Soil and Trade. This will continue until our civilisation can no longer continue for lack of sufficient water and soil. Water and soil continue to be sacrficed in Australia for Big COG, whether for China, India or whoever. Here is Shenhua mine from China, trying to bluff its way through the environmental hazards of making another coal mine out of country.

Each fossil fool nation finds cooperation more costly than competing, since fossil fuels can only be burned for energy once. Looked at this way, fossil fuels will continue to be burned until their economics become prohibitive. Market economics does not include the future costs of global heating to the profiteers, and for the economic benefits of using the energy. So fossil fool governments of today are investing in maximum fossil fuel extraction and maximum hostility. The high rate of exports of fossil fuels, at falling global prices from Australia benefits the escalation of these destructive behaviours.

China is a strange case, because of Australia's fossil fuel trade dependencies. We complain about China's growing size, and now have to spend big on military defences against China throwing its weight around, after decades of promoting to its extraordinary growth rates in fossil fuel energy, as our path of opportunity and prosperity for some lucky Australians.

China has the global "hey big spender" is deeply involved in the purchase and development of mining rights in Australia, and buying up other resources and leases. Our real major commonality of China with our political classes is then the sharing the short term path to riches for some, and this kind of makes the China National Security, a shadow - play distraction put on for our media dazed masses, and squeezing our also China - compromised opposition party.

Very soon now we will share the catastrophes of global heating In the near future for both nations, are droughts, heat waves, water shortage, starvation and mass migrations. As the fossil fuel economic miracle collapses, we will share the impoverishment, and further causes for mass migrations.

The future of ecological economics, our future, lies in recognizing that we should not seek competitive solutions to cooperation problems. Collective choice and cooperation are the only solutions. (Haydn Washington - What can I do to help heal the environmental crisis?)  Foolish mutual aggressive militarism prevents this. Conservative governments of hostility and denial are creating a future of the worst of possible worlds. We need at least, the freedom to seek the opposite, which includes allowing mutual appreciation of cultures to flourish, and not be punished by hostile in-group conformism.

The only problem with mass migrations is their isn't anywhere empty or un-walled to go to. Our planet is over-full, in over-shoot, and soon to be over-cooked. Its economic systems are in debt, its resources are over-subscribed, as so much fossil fuelled stock market wealth is unrealized speculation on stranded assets. Money circulation to the lowest social levels for life's necessities is failing. Similar to living biological tissues, low circulation leads the to death and purification of gangrene. In societies it leads to conflicts, destruction, revolutions and generally consuming nastiness.

Our fossil fool politicians demonstrate their blind patriotism by casting suspicions of any sign of impurity by association with foreign governments, particularly China in the great sordid and deadly game. USA used to be fine, Australian politicians often consulted the USA Embassy for personal assistance. ALP and LNP are ultra sensitive to the enemy within, apart from jobs and lobbyists from major international corporate fossil fuel interests, who are cordially invited to run our governments. The ALP in particular has proved excellent at knifing and ostracising its colleagues at the slightest sniff of a witch-hunt for national impurity.

This recurring theme illustrates the all too human social pressures of excessive conformity exerted by all, and ever present paranoia against those that display a different background. Hostility and misunderstandings between nations and peoples have historically all too often escalated to war. With the USA sliding back down to be stuck in the mud of its own stupidity, don't count on it to protect us from our China bogeyman. There is overwhelming mass migration potential from Asia due to future global warming before 2050. Australia as a nation run by white conservatives playing just their own game of mates, has absolutely no chance of stopping being overrun in future.

How are you going to take being colonized, todays Australians? No chance of remaining "pure". We never were. No chance of being saved by excessive spooks. We need to be outing the fear from within us, and taking active steps to remove the fear of us from all the foreign others we interact with, a process which will always be requiring active hard work, and serious investment equivalent to all the billions of dollars and fossil fool energy we waste on threats of aggression.

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Outing the enemy within