Real economics and engineering, not ideology

The previous article pointed out that the renewable energy target reductions of the past years have allowed the LNP to claim that "not one major coal power plant " can be retired. The next part of the grand coalition plan for the return of coal, is to reclassify it as "clean energy".

As cut and pasted from the ABC web site.

The Federal Government is weighing up a redesign of the proposed Clean Energy Target (CET) to accommodate investment in 'clean coal' That could help the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull win support of the divided Coalition party room.  Australia has agreed to cut greenhouse emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030. The chief scientist Alan Finkel has called for a CET to help meet that. But it is politically difficult for Mr Turnbull. There are already rumblings against it within the Coalition, including from former PM Tony Abbott.
The re-shaped CET would come under a new name, with a revised target below that recommended by Dr Finkel. It would allow for high efficiency, low emissions coal-fired power stations to access subsidies.

Last night, Mr Turnbull said the Government's aim was to ensure lower power prices and reliable energy supply. He gave a speech with his most repeated line of late: "Our energy policy is driven by economics and engineering, not ideology".
The former chief executive of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Oliver Yates, says this is the latest example of a "polarisation" of the energy debate in Australia:

That’s what you’re seeing at the moment, the concept of changing the clean energy target to something like a dirty energy target, the almost inverse of it. That’s the type of polarisation we have in the debate.

Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP have a "dirty energy target", which is coal at any price, what they call "economics and engineering without ideology".

The Beyond Zero Emissions report - Renewable Energy Superpower - 2015,  has not gone away. It merely does not exist for the entire LNP government, and can never be mentioned. Climate change has not gone away, it merely does not exist for the entire LNP government, and can never be mentioned. The BZE report is the results of first class design of "economics and engineering and not ideology", which is not allowed to exist in the minds of the entire LNP government. It has zero coal, and not much for gas. This is what the global investors and controllers of the LNP government do not want the Australian people to know and love.

author: Michael Rynn
description: Australian LNP government has a dirty energy target, which is coal at any price. Renewable energy superpower by BZE is real economics and engineering.
keywords: Dirty energy target