We little pollies cant say no

Tune: I'm just a girl who can't say no, thanks to Rogers and Hammerstein

Solists in lip sync synchrony: Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese.

Chorus: In full fossil fueled black coaled choreography - All members of parliament in Liberal National Party Coalition, and Australian Labor Party.

Cause: Climate policy way-backwardness. Approval of Beetaloo Basin gas fracking in Northern Australia.

Background: Australia's lost in the climate wilderness.

Denial as adaptive evolutionary strategy - We have a high propensity for instant gratification and a preference for short-term results. - https://medium.com/in-search-of-leverage/shades-of-climate-change-denial-307bbb860e56

How to enjoy global warming

It ain't so much a question of not knowing what do,
Climate Science told us long ago.
We know what soon will happen as we play the fossil fool,
The end of everything we love and know.

We know we can't keep burning fossil fuels,
But when others give us money, *snigger* we approves.

We little pollies cant say no,
We like the Dorothy Dix,
New fossil fuels always get their way,
just when we oughta say 'Nix'.

When a new gas project comes to us,
We know we oughta stand and push it back.
But as soon as someone shows the cash,
We lie right down and let them go to frack.

We do the deals where lights are low,
Keep out of news and debate,
We then forget climate,
Democracy it ain't,
We can't say 'no!'

Watcha gonna do when a miner gives money,
Boosts economy,
Whatcha gonna do?
Supposin that they says,
That your budget these days,
to be balanced, they pays
Whatcha gonna do?

Supposin that they say,
That moneys sweet as cream,
and we gotta have money or die?
Whatcha gonna do when they talk that way?
Spit in their eye?

We little pollies cant say no,
Can't seem to say it at all,
Bow down to corporate mind control,
While we are having a ball.

That's why we've lost our climate cool,
Our lands and forests cleared fracked and burned,
Our global heat death grows so cruel,
while making money using fossil fuel.

We can't resist the big cash flow,
we give our land to be fracked.
Pollies love corporate laps,
when money fingers snaps,
We can't say 'no!'

We little pollies cant say no,
That's why our government's bad.
With or without the Murdoch press,
Our climate action's so sad.

Its the rich countries that flirt with death,
When having money living high is fun!
Every time the climate takes a life,
The fossil money warmers think they've won!

Now we all start to feel the heat,
Not long before its too late,
To stop the warming climate,
With no coal and gas regrets,
We should shout 'NO!'


Not being in denial is being aware that solving our energy and environmental degradation conundrum isn’t easy at all, and admitting that the solutions we have proposed until now do not deal with the problem as it truly is.

Michael Rynn
Rewording of "I'm just a girl who can't say no", to become - We little pollies cant say no to money, hence climate change.
Climate Policy Way-Backwardness. We little pollies cant say no to money
We little pollies cant say no

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